Thursday, July 02, 2009

remember Donghae and Siwon went to taiwan for Aeril Lin's mv?
2day,the mv released!

[HQ]林依晨(Ariel Lin) - 螢火蟲(Fireflies) ft. Super Junior's Siwon and Donghae

beginning of the mv
Donghae sang 'Love U More'
donghae : you also sing 1..k?
then Ariel Lin sang 'Sorry sorry' few seconds only ^^

0.28min,Ariel lin said
"sometimes happiness not easy to erase,
sometimes is happiness starts like this?"

ending of the mv
donghae : aren't you come back here to find your girl friend?
siwon : i found her..but i couldn't see her again..

4.54min,Siwon(in his heart) said
meeting someone is happiness,
no matter when or where you meet,
what is the results are...
that is happiness

so sweet and funny for donghae yet sad for siwon T.T
ariel lin's song really sweet&nice~~

donghae and siwon so handsome *hehehe*

my 1st translation ^^
the last part i got help from my friend,so its not really 100% accurate but the meaning its the same ><

here is the full eng subbed MV (thanks to shella for inform me)

credit: sunshine55558@yt +

subbed credits to ilovekidoya@yt

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  1. sondos said...
    I love it ..
    thanks a lot ..

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