Sunday, July 05, 2009

Super Junior Leeteuk has revealed that Son Dambi is not his ideal girl type

On the recent episode of KBS2TV "Challenge ! Golden ladder" which was filmed at Kyunghee University, some female students had made a group called "Kyunghee Dambi" and danced to Son Dambi’s "Crazy" & "On Saturday night" sexily and perfectly. After the perfomance, those girls had asked Leeteuk "Leeteuk-sshi, you’ve seen Son Dambi in person. Son Dambi herself is sexy, so is she similar to your ideal girl type ?" which he responsed that "Although many people said that but I have no idea about it"* which made people around eye him with suspicion.

Leeteuk himself said that his ideal type is a pure and innocent girl. The show will be aired at 10.40AM on July 5th

*I think he meant that although people said that Son Dambi’s sexy image must be close to his ideal type, he himself doesnt think so.

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