Sunday, July 05, 2009

On yesterday’s Introducing Star’s Friend, it was the second time i watch Korean TV live online and here’s the highlights of ISF. I had wanted to watch Star Junior, but couldnt get on SBS.

  • Eunhyuk and Teuki went on the rollercoaster ride first. Their expressions during the ride was priceless. At the end of the ride, Teuki was fixing Hyukkie’s hair. ^^
  • Then Chansung and Khun went on the rollercoaster.
  • Then Boom and the other guy that i dont know.
  • After that, I dont know how the MC determined it, but they were ranked. It might be because of their face expressions during the ride?
  • guy i dont know was #1 Changsung was #2, Eunhyuk was #3, Teuki #4, Nickhun #5
Next part,
  • Since Khun got 5th place, he had to sit on the floor with no food. Teuki sat on the floor, but he had some food. Eunhyuk sat in a little table with food. Chansung sat in a bigger table with good food, then im assuming the guy who #1 sat in a nicer table with better food, but i didnt pay attention.
  • The girls had to choose which guy they liked better.
  • Khun vs. Teuki..Teuki got picked (i think cause Khun had no food, they didnt want him LOL~)
  • Chansung vs. Eunhyuk…Chansung got picked..(poor hyuk)
  • Eunhyuk vs. Khun…Eunhyuk got picked…(But Khun did get Boom..ehee)
  • I didnt pay attention to the other guy. sorry XD

Next part…is the pillow fight on the rolling thing…dont know what to call it, but it’s that thing Eunhyuk and Teuk are sitting on in the picture above↑

  • Khun vs. Chansung…Chansung won.
  • Chansung vs. Teuki…Teuki won…(Teuki didnt really have to use much strength..And because he hit 2pm’s magnae, he did apologize by hugging Chansung)
  • Teuki vs. Eunhyuk…..(youll have to find out who won when you watch it….but i read in the news that they were spitting out each other’s secrets or something while hitting each other…LOL, Hyukkie looked mad when teuki hit him…but of course, this is just a game)
Last part of the show, the did a dance right before they chose the girl they liked.
  • I dont remember what Chansung did.^^
  • Nickhun did some gag dance?
  • Eunhyuk did some pelvic thrust dance, then he started crawling or something..didnt really understant what he was doing.
  • Teuki did the same dance Heechul did on Star King. The dance where he used his shoe as a phone. Teuki actually hit Chansung on the nose, but i dont think he noticed. Ahaha~
  • Then the girls danced….
  • The boys chose the girls they like..the girls did the same…
  • And then the very last part where some of them sat and pulled the rope, i didnt understand….
  • Guess who’s coming back to show next week..?????? JAEBEOM!! Khun leaves next week apparantly.
But overall, even though i didnt understand a single word they said, i did enjoy, and this was my first time watching the show. ^^

Music Core was on right before ISF, and i think it might be because SJ isnt there, but i thought it was pretty boring. The only performance that i enjoyed was 2pm’s i hate you and Taemin playing piano for 8eight and Yiruma. And Oppa Band was on a few hours before that, it was quite boring. Probably cause there were no subs, but i thought it was boring up till the end when they had their performance. This episode was a repeat though..and Heechul went to see Minnie perform. That was the only exciting part throughout the show for me XD.

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