Sunday, July 05, 2009

SJM, who is mostly active in China, recently signed contrasts with 5 Chinese brands, becoming the blue chips in the Chinese advertisement industry. [TN: A blue chip stock is the stock of a well-established company having stable earnings and no extensive liabilities.]

At the end of June, SJM signed contracts with “OPPO”, representing the new “OPPO” 3G cellphone that will be released this fall. SJM, as China’s most welcome popular group , are Chinese youth’s favorite idols, so they are well suited for being “OPPO”s New Wave models.

SJM isn’t just representing cellphones in advertisements, but also representing world-famous brand Pepsi, Chinese casual brand “Semir”, home appliances, cosmetics, foods, etc. SJM, who won “Best Group award” at the end of last year, once again proves their unbeatable popularity.

Also, Hangeng did solo representing for “Zheng Shi Ming” and “Shuai Jin Wei“. After “Zheng Shi Ming” signed Hangeng, sales have increased by 30%. [TN: Zheng Shi Ming is eyedrops, and Shuai Jin Wei is shoes. Click each name for links to CF}

Super Junior will also be holding the “Super Junior ASIA TOUR CONCERT SUPER SHOW II” at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium from July 17-19.

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Rumor Update on SJM:

Chinese Magazine said SJM will make a comeback in September, but Chinese fans say it will be this July.

I dont think it’ll be in July. SSII is in July. These 2 events are too big to be in the same month. XD

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