Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dong Bang Shin Ki UKnow YunHo and Big Bang TOP can be seen in drama acting coming October.

UKnow YunHo has been casted as the main character for MBC drama ‘Heading to the ground’ on 9th September. He will act the role as Cha Bong Goon who used to live his life aimlessly but was met on 3 near-death situations and he later aspire to be Korea’s representative soccer player.

And then we also have Big Bang TOP in KBS drama ‘IRIS’ acting as a killer in the show as the character Big to be aired on 14th October. ‘IRIS’ is a large scale project drama 20 billion won in the making.

With that much anticipation is to how these 2 idol group members will fair as actors in drama coming October.

Not only that, Big Bang TOP and SeungRi will also be appearing on the telecinema ‘19′; while Dong Bang Shin Ki Hero JaeJoong will be starring in the drama ‘Heaven’s Postman’ all to be aired in October itself.

2 strong rival groups in the Kpop world Dong Bang Shin Ki and Big Bang all having their drama screen debut at the same time this coming October can be said to be a more interests-rousing idea than an irony itself.

source: newsen


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