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The male group Super Junior made a surprise transformation into Girls' Generation and brought lots of excitement.
On the 18th, at 6 PM, Super Junior opened a performance titled The 2nd ASIA TOUR 'SUPER SHOW II' at the Seoul Olympic Stadium Complex.

On this day, Super Junior transformed into Girls' Generation and did a perfect cover of 'gee,' receiving exploding reactions starting from the audience.

Super Junior went on the stage with colorful skinny jeans and wigs copying the hairstyles of the Girls' Generation members.

Kangin was KangFany, Heechul was HeeSica, Ryeowook was SeoWook, Kyuhyun was KyuYoung, and Donghae was YoonHae, all making parodies of the Girls' Generation members' names and perfectly following the Girls' Generation choreography, bringing about roars of laughter.

Heechul in particular, who had taken the lead to produce this performance himself and to make the members practice, even made an exact imitation Jessica's coldness and drew lots of attention.

On this day's performance, the Girls' Generation members who had come to watch also couldn't help but to laugh after seeing the 'gee' performance, and ended up having lots of fun.

Meanwhile, on a stage with an extremely small distance from the audience, Super Junior gave a mix of dance, ballad, and even trot, presenting a performance of much variety.

With every dance step and every song, the fans responded with enthusiastic cheers, creating an amazing concert, and at the very end of the concert, tears welled in the members' eyes, showing their thankful hearts.

The Super Junior concert, which had started on the 17th, is planned to end on the 19th, making 3 performances for 3 days.

Credits to: Naver
Translated by: boricha. @
Shared by: Dariya @ SJWORLD.NET

[KANGIN] ELF did you enjoy the Super Show concert?
we’re awesome weren’t we?
going through troubles to get yourself to the concert even though it’s raining!
the next time i’ll work even harder~, you’ll look forward won’t you?

[SIWON]the stage we prepared hard for
did our ELF like that?
doing anything to make ELF happy
we’re Super Juni~or! ^-^

source; 13슈주야똥꼬킥 & 13달달한이성민 @
translated by; carolyn @

[HEENIM] You know that Super Show concert was more amazing because we were together with ELF right?
Next time too let’s go crazy again…
(- ┎) yes yes yes?

Original Source. 김희철 on UFO
Translation by La’MISS:fairy at SJ-WORLD.NET

credit: uketsu @ +

A long long time ago, there was CatHeechul, whom though he looked very cute but his character wasn’t great. He really looked very very very handsome.
“Yah! Really handsome, really handsome!”
One day the fluctuating CatHeechul was suddenly fidgety.
“Ah~ It’s boring! Is there nothing to do?”
CatHeechul suddenly wanted to bring DragonHankyung & FishDonghae for an adventure.
So Fishy said, “Where are we going! Where are we going!”
DragonHankyung wasn’t happy at all, “I’m too tired! Go yourself! Silly!”
Then, PiggyDongdong suddenly appeared, snatching a poisoned apple to eat.
“Oh! Hyung! This is too great!” Saying this Dongdong opened a bottle of drink.
Little anchovy stuck onto him crawling, it’s AnchovyEunhyuk kekeke
Suddenly, on the side DragonHankyung said, “Ah, there’s so many people here”
“Please accept the Savior, God will save everyone, Hallelujah someday~”
Suddenly DragonHankyung got angry at CatHeechul, “yah, I’m dead tired, you’re now riding on me, you know! You’re mean!”

“Yah, just go forward a little bit more, then the princess that’s asleep in the forest will appear, she’s pretty, really pretty.”
At that moment, Donghae abruptly got a scare & jumped shouting, “ah! the bear that’s asleep in the forest!” is a dinosaur.
“Te ki te ki~ A zo a te ki te ki~ A zo a let’s go let’s go te ki te ki~ ah~ Who’s Jungsu’s friend?”
Consequently, this is how AnchovyEunhyuk & DinosaurEeteuk met~ These two somehow always give the feeling of being a DJ. With this the sudden adventure continued, when from nowhere two cows with fluttering lashes ran out. It’s OxKangin & CowSungmin.
OxKangin insisted on wearing CatHeechul’s glass slipper, & they made a scene.
“Yah! I wanna wear that too, those shoes.”
“Ooo… the shoes are broken.”
“Don’t move! From now on, those that move are all criminals! The shoes are broken! What?!”
“It wasn’t me~”
“Yah! You wore it, if it’s not you, then who is it!”
CatHeechul who was sitting on the coach continuing the adventure, met RabbitRyeowook & TurtleYesung.
“Rabbit! Race!”
“Okay, let’s race!”
This was the exchange school’s holy land, Gyeongju. Not only could you see the Bulguksa temple, there’s also many pagodas, Suhkgatap, Cheomseongdae observatory.
You can also see the nearby PC bang, where KangarooKyuhyun is furiously playing Starcraft.
“Eyebags really, please draw them bigger, it must be huge.”
“Yah, this kid’s face has many pimples, adding more pimples is fine.” (note: this bit was said by heechul to the cartoonist, making the cartoonist change kangarookyu’s image. so, manga kyu who’s sitting in front of the computer wearing a kangaroo suit, dots pop out on his face, plus eyebags)
Today, to slip to the PC bang, KangarooKyu made a thick rope to escape.
“We’ve known each other for seven years~ ah! Ah! The armpit’s hair hurts oh oh oh!”
Watching the descending KangarooKyu, the members, who are usually full of love for their friend, all laughed nonstop, exclaiming happily.
But, what is this that’s falling from the sky~ What is this! What is! What~
Heechul’s Explosive Children’s Tale, End!

original; 丸子 @ kyuhyun’s baidu bar
translation credits; fragment @

lol! what a really funny story!

Seoul Infinite Dream Concert

show off your talents by uploading a video on YouTube!
Period : 17th July ~ 7th August, 2009

What to upload?
  • Upload video (ie song, dance, etc)
  • Winners Selection: Talent & Fun factor

Winners (2 people)

  • Free trip to Seoul (flight and accomodation for 4 nights)
  • Opportunity to meet TVXQ, Super Junior, and Girls Generation
  • Participation in the official recording of the Seoul Song(travel details subject to change)

Runner Up (50 people)

  • 2 tickets to the 2009 SM Town Concert in Seoul on 16th of August
    (Winners to be selcted and notified individually via e-mail by 10th of August.)

[Upload video in English]
[Upload video in Japanese]

Dream Concert Upload Guideline

-Only the person featuring in the video is eligible for the competition
-Only one person will be selcted in group entries.
-Number of votes or video does not have any bearing on the final selection for the winners.
-Competition is open for all ages and gender.

Behind the Scenes in Seoul!(Weekly updates from July 13th)
-meet TVXQ, Super Junior, and Girls Generation on set during the making of the Seoul TV com

source: here
credit: Haemin13 @ Soompi
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credit: shindongcyworld/whatsubb
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A celebrity appeared at our house!

A celebrity appeared at our house!

you know the U-Know Yunho of TVXQ? ^^

A celebrity visited our house!

the name is the famous U-Know Yunho!

He’s touring the house now, and he’s here in sandtray therapy room

Everyone showed much interest!!

The moment U-Know Yunho entered!! wow~ ~

He went into each child’s room…

Yunho said hi to all my friends!!

Strange feelings…. our family couldn’t stop looking at him ~ ^^

Hyeon Woo must be feeling so good!!

He took picture with each of the child, everyone demanded to take pictures with a smiley face

all the friends’ face were looking so bright

In the midst of cleaning!

After looking around in Shinaewon here and there, now the squad was doing the volunteer service

In order to make progress in various programs, several big and small places have been prepared

Exactly at the place!!

He put all the strength and kept cleaning~

Sizzle sizzle ^^

He’s now heading to the downstairs that directed to dining room!

The cleaning time with 85 club was so fun~ they kept blabbering~

I will give you a quiz.

“Did Yunho use his Jeollado province accent when he’s talking with his friends? or not? he he”

Of course he did! !!

That’s why it felt so friendly

Dining time now!!!

While we’re having dinner now!!!

He faced each single kid while giving out the dinner and said please enjoy it well~

Due to Yunho, the children had an expression that they didn’t want to swallow the kimchi in their mouth so that they could eat it forever~^^

All of the children that ate the food were all happy.

The recreation time

85 Club members’ exciting recreation time began!!

Yunho hyung and Jae-hyun’s dance parade-^^

After dance performances from all Shinaewon friends.

It’s with Yunho dance time!

Together with Kim Jae-hyun, dancing Shinaewon’s dance~~keke

It was really a fun time..

To think about it now, it was really a moment that was fun and had a lot of laugh

U-Know with Shinaewon family

To end up all events and made a commemoration of it, we took picture here!!

“U Yunho hyung~~ please sign it here!”

U-Know Yunho gave his sign with smile~

Due to his following schedule, many of friends couldnt receive his sign,

yet he said that he would send signatures as many Shinaewon friends needed, I really could feel his generous heart.

He did a short time volunteer with such a faithful mind

Saying goodbye to each child one by one

Playing enthusiastically and working hard, kept smiling while getting along together.

We have had a close look at these appearances as we’re here to spot from the best place.

Thank you, thank you.

Please come back on the promise made with our children to visit again!! We believe that you will fulfill your promise^^

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2009.07.25 18:44

recently i...have been resting!
for a week~ euhahahahahaㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
other than recording for introducing star's friend~ going for radio~
completely restingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
sleeping late and waking up late!!!!!
so a person should live like this!!!!!!
this is only till this week...-_-
i'll be busy starting next week...

source; 이혁재싸이
translated by; carolyn @

Korean Themed Japanese Magazine

ooh Points~

Credits: Hyejj + japaneseblog
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credit: ichigojj
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▲ SMTOWN LIVE'09 Concert

Tickets were sold out on the 23rd of July for the SMTOWN LIVE'09 Concert which is to be held at the Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium on the 16th of August 2009. The exclusive tickets that were sold by G-Market were sold-out within five minutes.

TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls' Generation, SHINee and Zhang Li Yin, together with special guests, would be the ones performing on this concert stage, showing a variety of never-before seen performances.

An SM Entertainment representative stated, "Although the concert tickets are sold-out every year, the ticket-selling has become more heated because SM Entertainment artistes are mostly active during the summer season."

Translation: mel @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Credits: MR TVXQ
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