Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Although TVXQ! have visited Thailand for 10 times but their fame never fades away.
This time they came for Yamaha presents TVXQ! The 3rd asia tour concert ‘mirotic’ in Bangkok , 2 days at Impact Arena.
: How do you guys feel with Thaiand this time
Yoochun “It’s getting hotter and hotter here”Yunho “Everytime we visit Thailand, we feel better and better due to the fan warm welcoming”

Junsu+Yoochun said “we like the blanket from the thai airway because it really makes us warm”
Q: what’s the different bewteen Thai fans and others
Yunho “Maybe it’s because of the hot weather here that makes Thai people seem to be more active and Thai people are warm-hearted and kind”
Yoochun suddenly said “When we had the concert in other countries, there were fans from other countries including Thai fans. Normally the banners from other fans will be their websites or DBSK member names but for Thai fans, it would be something related to Thai so I can feel that Thai fans really love their country”

Q : What would you do in Thailand
Yoochun “Thai kick boxing”
Junsu (agreed with Yoochun) “Although I never try doing Thai kick boxing but I’ve seen my friends doing it”
Jaejoong (elephant lover) “I’d like to get the role in Ong Bak film. This movie is a great film. I’d like to ride the elephant like the hero of Ong Bak 2. Girl generations visited Thailand for one time, they got a chance to ride the elephants already”
Junsu (out of the blue) “I’d like to go to Phuket” (and his PHUKET accent is perfect)
Yunho (after trying to think of some Thai word) “Soo tai krab” (fighting)

Changmin “We visited Thailand for the 10th time, we’d like to thank to Thai fans. We have TODAY because of the your love. We would do our best at the concert”

source: Thairath newspaper 30June2009 Issue page 35trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
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