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DBSK Watches Kangta's Musical

Kangta has expressed his views that his musical, "Mine" has become even more promising after SNSD and DBSK watched it.

During the press conference on the 30th regarding the musical, "Mine", which was produced to commemorate the Army's 60th anniversary, Kangta said, "My parents and juniors from the same company came to watch the musical, as did DBSK and SNSD; this has made me feel very happy and close to them."

The musical is Kangta's first attempt at acting since entering the army, and is about a true story that happened in the Demilitarized Zone in 2000.


DBSK as Delegates to help Globalize Korean Music

Music Scene's Big 5 helps to globalize Korean music through "Development of Globalisation of Popular Korean Music".

Korean music scene's top stars are uniting in order to help globalize Korean music. The Culture Department will be holding a ceremony to honour "Music Development Plan" in SM Entertainment in Seoul on the fourth of February. At the ceremony, the Korean Cultural Minister Yu In-chon will delegate the task of advertising Korean music worldwide to the 5 global Korean superstars, namely Rain, DBSK, Big Bang, SNSD and Wonder Girls. An official plaque will be presented to all 5 representatives, and the Cultural Minister will request that they help Korean music make it to the front of the international music scene.

Relevant personnel have said that, "The main highlight of the ceremony will be the government's Music Development Plan, and relevant figures in the music industry will also be present. The government will be there to encourage the delegates as well as to make a stand on the music scene."

Source: 中国U-KNOW KING + 金色XIAHKING + 流川梓&金家四少的爱
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Idol group Big Bang will be holding their concert from the 30th for four days. A total of 500 000 people are expected for this concert! We're expecting girls in their ten's mostly.

Big Bang's management has registered a 153 billion won's worth of insurance just in case of an accident. It's for the the safety of the crowd as well as other accidents that might happen. They also will have a total of 200 securities at the scene as well as three ambulance cars. Big Bang members', who have fallen off stages before, are doing a routinely check so it doesn't happen again.

Ever since concerts' scales have been getting bigger, so have the accident scales. And there are an addition of top artists who are registering insurance for the safety of their fans.

DBSK registered a 40 billion won insurance for first concert back in 2006, and World Star Rain has also registered a 100 billion won for his Tokyo Dome Concert.

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Fan: Oppa... where is this heart going to be placed~I want oppa's heart... T_T don't drink alcohol anymore!!
Choikang Changmin: Yes, although I can't agree to it, but thank you, thank you very much.

(The following 2 messages are from the same fan.)
Fan: Oppa, Changmin oppa!! I'll buy you a meal when we meet up later!! ^^~ I heard you're meeting Yunho oppa later
Choikang Changmin: Its like that?~okay~
Fan: See you later! We'll buy a meal later! Oppa can even go and watch a movie!
Choikang Changmin: Oh...I see...; ;

Fan: Changmin's smelly feet, can you stand the smell when it diffuses?
Choikang Changmin: Please wake up/be more conscious...

Fan: This female student likes oppa(fan has a picture of herself there ^^) ... Haha I don't know who she is, its not me...
Choikang Changmin: ^ ^

Fan: (fan has picture of Changmin as her user pict...)This boyfriend... is good-looking right? Handsome right? I've got to find a husband according to this criteria.
Choikang Changmin: I hope its like that, hope you find happiness.

Fan: I'm making chocolate waffles now, do you want some?
Choikang Changmin: Make them nicer...

Fan: I love you! I love you! I love you! Really! You guys are the best!
Choikang Changmin: Thank you ^ ^

Fan: T T Studying in TOFEL is really hard... although its great... TT Its the sadness of being 17 TT... show whale-like strength!!!!!
Choikang Changmin: Please do your best!!

Fan: Please have a chat with me!
Choikang Changmin: There's more for you to talk about with your parents .

Fan: Let's meet now!
Choikang Changmin: ; ;

lol haha by far my favourite's got to be the smelly feet one. Who knew Changmin had smelly feet? xD and and of course, I remember the one where a fan said she was behind him and he was like, "Are you the fridge, or Junsu-hyung?" LMAO.

Credits: 坑魂人蔘
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rough translations by l4uRa@soompi

1. Q : What are you gonna do when you're tired?
A : hanshin'yoku (half-body bath), when you catch a cold, you can drink a warm yuzu(orange) juice or hot tea.

2. Q : Your perfect birthday would be?
A : Recently, i spent my birthday with staff. But i want to spent my birthday with my family and friends. (Junsu)

3. Q : When will it be the best time to write or compose music?
A : Anytime. When you're watching TV.. The melody could be created while listening to any kind of tunes.

credit : dreamcall + gorgeous18 + l4uRa@soompi + shiano

Information for international visitors who want to go SM Town Live in Bangkok

This entry is dedicated to those foreign visitors who will be visiting our SMTOWN LIVE’08 in Bangkok. All international and Thai fans are welcome to post your comments, exchanging tips and other travel information here.

I’m so glad to have an opportunity to write this, as my manager has told me to do so. Without this pressure, my superior English ability shall never be revealed.. (actually there’s a shadow writer doing this for me.. hehe)

First and foremost, Adamas would like to take this opportunity to thank to the support of all SMTOWN fans, both local and international, that make it possible for us to organize this wonderful event. Even though it’s unfortunated to has been postponed once, but with the support from SM Entertainment, Dreammaker, our sponsors and you, the fans, we all are making it happen again this coming February. Many thanks to our supporting sponsors and partners, including Thai Yamaha Motors, 12+ Cologne, LG Mobile, Mobile Easy by IEC, Siam Center, BBTV Ch7, Seed 97.5FM, MTV (Thailand), Siam Paragon, Absolute Impact and

OK, now then.. these are tentative schedules of the events.

Feb 6th: from 3pm to 7pm. There will be a public “Press Conference” at Parc Paragon, Siam Paragon shopping complex, at the heart of Bangkok. You can never miss it, as every taxi drivers know this destination very well. We will host a series of cover dance shows that will cover every SMTOWN artists. Come and see for yourself. Then all the artists from SMTOWN that will be in Bangkok that day will appear on stage and give an interview around 6pm. Please expect this place to be packed, as many local fans will definitely be there to see them. The event is free to all.

Feb 7th: The concert is held on Feb 7th at Rajamangkala National Stadium from around 5pm to 10pm. Gates open at 2pm onward. Again, every cab driver knows of this place. Ticket is available for online purchase at Tickets are available on concert day at the ticket box too, but if you want to be sure, get it online today.

I also advise that all international visitors take a glance at our Do’s and Don’ts policy of the concert to ensure your happy visiting here.

The public atmosphere is good right now and things in Bangkok have returned to normal already. So trust me that you need to come see this event. Really!

Post your questions down here and well, there may be many warm answers from Thais!

Do & Don’t (for foreign visitors)

Light stick, balloon, binocular, mobile phones are allowed inside the stadium
Banners are allowed ‘outside’ the main stadium only but are not allowed to hang at any place
Lighting/neon sign, video camera, still camera are not allowed
All flammable substances, metal or other stuff that can be used as weapon are not allowed
Can, glass, pets, narcotic substances, alcoholic drinks, folding chairs are not allowed
Various food and drink are available at the venue
Food is allowed inside the stadium but please help keeping it clean
Drinking water is allowed with the cap taken off first

credit : + casper@soompi + gorgeous18


My Goal for 2009
YH: First of all, I'd like to improve my Japanese-speaking ability. Also, I'd like to grow both emotionally and internally. In my private time I'd like to go to Las Vegas! I went before for work, but shooting while looking at the Grand Canyon and the wonderful scenery is something that really remains in my memories!

My Recent Favourite Item

YH: A hat I got from someone, by a brand called "Clover". When I want to look cool I use it to hide one of my eyes a little, and when I want to look cute and fashionable I push the hat to the back of my head and put on glasses. This is something I was taught by a famous fashion editor!

This Is What's Cool About Yunho!

YC: I think the part of him that properly protects his friends is really cool. I love the Yunho that treasures "a man's friendship".

JJ: He's manly! The bigness of all of Yunho's gestures and actions, that kind of thing is really cool. When he sings and when he dances, too.

JS: He's really professional and someone who will do his best and work hard for absolutely anything. I think that's wonderful.

CM: He's manly. He's a person who treasures friendship.

I Want Yunho To Stop Doing This!

YC: Lately it seems like he's been having various problems, and when he's off from work he's not with the members, but is constantly together with his friends. It makes me feel just a little lonely... I've been close to Yunho since the very beginning so I don't take it to heart, but let's contact each other a bit more. Whether it's time to have a meal or time to just talk, let's make more and more of them!

JJ: Sometimes his actions are too big, and when he talks or dances, there are times when he hits the people next to him (laughs)! Yunho totally doesn't notice. I have also been hit by him, a lot of times.

JS: The amount of things he forgets is outrageously huge~! His wallet, cellphone...there's just all sorts of stuff he quickly loses or forgets. The members worry at those times. It's fine since he always finds his things, but it's that kind of, there are so many things he forgets and loses that it's like if he loses everything he might be left with nothing.

CM: It would be good if he tidied up our room just a bit more! It's not just our room, he has this habit of messing things up anywhere he goes~

To Yunho: I Wasn't Able To Say It Before, But I Confess...
YC: Yunho invited me to have a meal with him and his friend who is a Korean entertainer. I promised I would go too, but when I got home I was really tired. I came to feel, "I'm not really in the mood..." and called him to turn him down. I'm sorry for not keeping my promise that time!

JJ: Don't talk on the phone in my bedroom! Yunho doesn't talk on the phone in his own room, he talks while going back and forth, here and there, between the other members' bedrooms and the living room and stuff. Whatever it is, in my bedroom, just don't talk on the phone there!!!!

JS: I know very well that being in the leader's position is really difficult, but...until now and in the future too, you've really done your best and will keep doing your best for Tohoshinki. I am grateful.

CM: I might look like the type of person who doesn't like tidying up, but I am extremely particular about cleanliness! Unexpectedly!! UNEXPECTEDLY!! Yunho scolds me too much for being like that. But I....can't say this to Yunho.


My Goal for 2009
CM: Since I spent 2008 going back and forth between Korea and other countries, this year I want to study properly again, and get a little better at Japanese. I want to work hard on my singing and dancing too. In my private life, I'd like to make this a year in which I'm able to grow a bit more for myself. I want to learn the guitar too!

My Recent Favourite Item

CM: A book called "The Secret". It contains methods for how to increase your motivation in order to succeed. This is a book that's always placed beside my bed. I've been reading books a lot lately, so I've come to carry this with me. If I work hard I've been able to finish one book a day before!

This Is What's Cool About Changmin!
YH: Personally, I think Changmin is coolest when he's swimming. He has really beautiful form.

YC: Changmin is a man of little words. The part of him that doesn't talk to people based on his feelings or things he thinks of in that particular moment, but carefully listens to what the members and staff members have to say, and properly thinks them over before speaking, is cool.

JJ: He's tallll, he's youngggg, he's smart and he's good at Japanese. His ears tooooo~, his eyes toooo~, his mouth toooooo~... (CM: DON'T TOUCH ME~!) He's nothing but things to be praised for, isn't he!

JS: Changmin is really diligent. It feels like he's more of an adult than I am. He's a person of good manners.

I Want Changmin To Stop Doing This!
YH: He gets scared if there are things that don't go well. He gets depressed. Even if we encourage him he doesn't listen to us at all. He'll go up to the rooftop by himself.

YC: It's a little like, I don't really know what he's thinking about. But he changed for the better from last year onwards. I think it's cool how he carefully thinks about things by himself, but if we could talk about all sorts of things.....This is just my hope though, he's fine the way he is right now!

JJ: He's a little dirty. He messes up the living room. (CM: I tidy up in Japan!) Also, at times Changmin gets really scary. Like the devil (laughs). Even if I point that out about him, he'll definitely never admit it! But he's normally gentle.

JS: He makes fun of me too much!! And then he laughs at it, it's annoying. It's like he's in love with me. That makes me happy but it's also troublesome, doing nothing but being made fun of!!

To Changmin: I Wasn't Able To Say It Before, But I Confess...
YH: I'm the leader, and Changmin is the youngest. But there are some parts about us that are similar. I am really grateful that he's always watching over his selfish older brothers. To be honest. But I can't say that because I'm the older brother. I'm going to use PINKY as the opportunity to say this. Thank you, and I love you!

YC: There have been a lot of times where I've been having troubles and Changmin happens to contact me by coincidence. I think it's almost like my feelings are expressed to him even if I don't say anything. That kind of thing becomes a great source of energy for me.

JJ: This time during this interview, the real Changmin has been exposed......I'd like to apologize for that. Sorry!

JS: Even though he's the youngest, he really always brightly does his best in the midst of his older brothers. There have been times when I've thought, "How cute.." and "He's wonderful."


My Goal for 2009
JJ: I want my body and age to stay this way.....and to only become more of an adult mentally. I don't want to gain any more years. I want to keep living like this. Work-wise, I want to become even busier this year!! Manager-san, please give us even more work!! Please!!!

My Recent Favourite Item

JJ: This is used to tune notes. When you strike it, it gives the sound of the note "la". When we are singing chorus, we strike this and coordinate our notes. When I saw the Gospellers carrying this around and said "I should carry one around too...", they gave it to me as a present. Out of the Tohoshinki members, I am the only one who has this.

This Is What's Cool About Jaejoong!
YH: He's cool when he calms down and talks to me. When he speaks seriously I realize that he really has all kinds of thoughts.

YC: He's so honest that he's easily fooled. There's a part of him that immediately trusts people. But I like that about him. He has passion.

JS: He really thinks about us. It's expressed in everything from his words to his actions. His consideration for others is also cool.

CM: He seems cold from his appearance. But on the inside, he's warmer than any of the members. That's something that I might have to learn from him.

I Want Jaejoong To Stop Doing This!
YH: His jokes are uncool. They're really funny but he tells them at the wrong times! Sometimes he ends up bothering the members too!

YC: Jaejoong is really busy right now because he's doing his music activities as well as his drama. So when he gets even a little time off, he goes wild. I'm worried about Jaejoong's health. I understand how he feels, but please pay a little attention to your body!

JS: Soooometimes, I come to not understand Jaejoong (laughs). Jaejoong's moods are like a rugby ball, you don't know where they're going to fly. We've had interesting times because of that, so it's not a bad thing. But there are also times where it's a bother to us.

CM: He comes into the house still wearing his shoes~ and this is (whispers) the same as Yunho too..........(sighs). YOU MUST TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES.

To Jaejoong: I Wasn't Able To Say It Before, But I Confess...
YH: Lately Jaejoong has been having other work and is really busy. That may be so, but he's been doing his work as Tohoshinki with all his heart, not falling sick, and doing it all safely. Thank you.

YC: Jaejoong and a friend and I, the three of us, were having a meal at a bar in Korea. In Korea we don't really split the cost, we take turns to pay. That day it was my turn to pay, but I forgot my wallet.....and so Jaejoong paid for us. It was soju so it shouldn't have been that expensive. I didn't do it on purpose!

JS: I think that because Jaejoong is here, Tohoshinki has gotten a lot better image-wise and singing-wise. Of course, we can't do it without all the members....but I am especially grateful to Jaejoong for that aspect of his.

CM: There are times I observe Jaejoong for no reason. He tells me, "ENOUGH! DON'T LOOK AT ME!!", but I want to see more of Jaejoong's instinctive behaviour!! (JJ: He peeks at me from between the cracks in the door!) I am interested in everything about Jaejoong. Yes.


My Goal for 2009
YC: If I have the time, I think I'd like to go on a trip overseas with my mother and younger brother. To Europe or like, various other places. Anywhere is fine! My goal work-wise is to do my best at composing music that is good enough to be able to offered to other artists. I also want to practice singing more and get better at it!

My Recent Favourite Item

YC: Francfranc candles. Lately I haven't had much room for comfort both time-wise and mentally, so I haven't been able to sleep well. Since I've got various things I'm worried about..... So I light up a lot of this type of candle and recharge. I buy them quite a lot in Korea too, and I've got lots of other different ones! They're unexpectedly expensive, aren't they...(T/N: I did some research and depending on which Francfranc candles he buys, they could cost him anywhere from 8USD to 40USD each D8)

This Is What's Cool About Yoochun!

YH: His figure when he composes music and plays the piano is cool. Since he really puts his emotions into them, those are the times his truest figure shows.

JJ: His figure when he gives his all and plays music is truly cool. And it feels like he lives life his own way the most. It's amazing how everything to him is done "my own way", but he never causes trouble to the people around him.

JS: He's good at creating an atmosphere that will suit that particular situation, bringing everyone together, and taking leadership. The aspect of him that definitely achieves whatever he thinks, "Let's do this" about is also amazing. He's a man of actions rather than words.

CM: He's a deep-thinking person. He has a deep (profound) heart. He has a different kind of manliness from Yunho's.

I Want Yoochun To Stop Doing This!
YH: Asking me to have supper with him. You know how men have a sense of honour, or like, deep emotion? Yoochun says it really well. He says, "If it was me, and you asked me, I'd eat with you. How about you, Yunho?" When he does that I get gradually weaker and weaker....and I end up saying, "Let's go just for today!"

JJ: He always sleeps with the fan on. It seems like he likes the cold, so even in winter he doesn't warm up his room! Yoochun is the only one who's constantly saying, "It's hot it's hot!" But we're cold.

JS: His moods change easily. When he's feeling down, everyone also takes this into consideration (laughs). When Yoochun is feeling dark, everyone becomes dark. That kind of aura he has is amazing. Today's Yoochun? He's seriously high, isn't he!

CM: He always asks me to join him when he's having supper. HAVEN'T YOU GOTTEN EVEN ME FAT ALREADY?! (T/N: He means Chun has gone through all the members and has now even managed to fatten Min 8D)In the middle of the night he goes, "Let's go to the ramen shop!" or whatever, and in the house we've got instant ramen and yakisoba and so on, nothing but things that you end up seriously wanting to eat. (angry) He says, "It's lonely to eat alone!"!!!!!

To Yoochun: I Wasn't Able To Say It Before, But I Confess...
YH: Since Yoochun left his cellphone to charge and went out, I disconnected his charger and put in my phone for about thirty minutes. It was a complete crime that no one knew about.

JJ: I've arbitrarily eaten Yoochun's presents. Till now I've done it not once, but countless times. Food~, or like health drinks~..........I always think I'll never get caught....I'm sorry!!

JS: He always gives the most response to even my unfunny jokes! Thank you.

CM: Up till now I've borrowed two books from Yoochun....and made them my own........I'm sorry. (JJ: Isn't that being a thief?!) But I REALLY wanted to read those two books!!!!!!!


My Goal for 2009
JS: In 2009 I really want to do my best and hold an independent Tohoshinki concert standing on the stage of Tokyo Dome. In my private life, I want to go on a trip. The destination can be anywhere! Whether it's within the country or overseas.... Since I think I'll be able to get that kind of time. And I want to energetically give everything my all!

My Recent Favourite Item

JS: BVLGARI's perfume "WEEKEND FOR MEN". I tried out lots of different perfumes and really like this one. I have lots of perfumes, but right now this is the one I like the most, so it's always in my bag without fail. It'd be bad if it broke, so I put it properly into a box and carry it around with me!

This Is What's Cool About Junsu!
YH: He's cool when he sings. It's like he's not Junsu.

YC: He's pure. I think he's a guy that suits that word 100%, and he always elevates the members' moods. I think that aspect of his, is a really great one.

JJ: The Junsu that stands on stage is the coolest. The singing, dancing Junsu is the best!

CM: I think he's the funniest thing in the world! I worship him! My mood really elevates just by watching him.

I Want Junsu To Stop Doing This!
YH: If he goes into his own room he plays games forever and doesn't come out. He might even be a pro gamer. His presence disappears to the point where we start to wonder whether he's really just left the house. If all of you were with us for a day you'd be shocked too.

YC: Junsu doesn't drink alcohol and he doesn't smoke cigarettes. I like alcohol. I love the atmosphere of a place with liquor ♥ But Junsu goes home and does nothing but play games. I'd like him to go out once in a while and meet his friends.

JJ: He's annoying (immediate reply). And, I want him to say what he wants to say properly till the very end. He changes the topic in the middle of what he's saying and is all over the place. I always have no idea what his conclusion is.

CM: He's too bright......IT'S ANNOYING! His voice is so loud!!!

To Junsu: I Wasn't Able To Say It Before, But I Confess...
YH: I have a hobby of collecting coins. I'd massage Junsu and say, "Okay, 300 yen ple~ase," in a charming way, and Junsu would point to a table and say, "Take 300 yen from that small change there." When I went there was 400 yen there, so I took all of it. It was a complete crime.

YC: Since we're both the same age and are friends, even though we're joking around there are times I say too much and am too harsh on him, and I really regret it later on. I'm really sorry for that. Thank you for always being so kind to me.

JJ: When the other members are being interviewed, or when it's the other members' turns to talk, shut up (laughs). Tohoshinki is a five-member group, so we have a sort of order for each person to receive questions and answer them, right? But he just arbitrarily talks. For example even when it's something Changmin is being questioned about, Junsu will go, "Ah~~, Changmin right~" and answer everything. When it's time for questions for the other members, shut up!

CM: The joy of my life, is the discovery of Junsu's funniness! There was one day where he told this to me. He said, "That's enough so stop looking at my face!" It seems he receives stress just by my looking at him.

source and translated by: pinkulemon
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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.01.31 16:33
In the ‘希’ folder..

삶 이 란/What living is called
김희철 2009.01.31 16:33

Just.. Pretending that you are loyal to your owner

If you’re hungry, just aegyo to your owner and roll around

When I go meow meow, the owner will be happy and will think I’m cute..

Phew.. It has been a long while since I acted lethargic (-┏)

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Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide is TVXQ’s 25th single which was released in Japan on January 21st and became ORICON topper both in Daily and Weekly Chart, thus makes TVXQ as the first foreign group who breaks ORICON top #1 for 6 times in Daily basis and 5 conscutive times in Weekly basis in Japan.

Bolero is a song composed by Girl Next Door’s member Suzuki Taepo who also composed their former hit, Love in The Ice whose Korean version is also well known in Korea. This song also becomes the main soundtrack of a Korea-Japan-Hong Kong joint movie, Subaru.

While Kiss The Baby Sky and Wasurenaide are songs composed by TVXQ’s members Micky Yoochun and Youngwoong Jaejoong, respectively. Kiss The Baby Sky was used as background song of a Japanese show, Zoom In! Super and Zoom In! Saturday (from October to December).

Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide single which was released in Korea has the same spesification as the Japan version one. Breaking in 2 jackets, jacket A which contains CD + DVD and jacket B which contains CD only.

Quite different from the Japanese version one, in the CD, is inserted also one of their former Japanese single, Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natta Shimattan Darou? (remix ver).

The DVD itself contains of Bolero MV and behind the scene, and there’s also a pictorial booklet of 12 pages to complete the package.

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Yayy...My sexy Jungsoo...

wearing CROCS shoes ^^

credit: KBS + gorgeous18

Fan: Yesung oppa be happy forever!^^I'll love you~
Yesung: Save me!

(pink rabbit is Sungmin. xD)

credit: xcloudyx@soompi + gorgeous18

Fan: Ha, Geng Geng, I noticed in "SoY" that you had a pimple on the right side of your face! Hehe did you get hormonal imbalance because it was too tiring? Take care of yourself! (You're handsome even with pimples)
Han Geng: I'm still young hehe~~

Fan: Geng dar: I sent so many, and you still didn't reply. Is this real? If you still don't reply, I'll go tell Jaejoong.
Han Geng: How is that useful!

Fan: Geng…it's almost the new year~ Happy New year… happy birthday~ Ha, seeing how everyone is so happy~ reply me… hey
Han Geng: thank you, you be happy too

Fan: Han Geng gege, you acted so well in "Stage of Youth!" People with dreams can definitely realize their onw dreams! Gege, no mater how hard, let's work hard together, ok? I want to be strong like ge ge!!
Han Geng: Let's do it together, I will continue to work hard!

Fan: After watching "Stage of Youth," it feels like Han Geng is Xia Lei, only that you have experienced even more hardships, I hope you will always be the most exceptional star in your group, we will always support you! Hehe, you act very well
Han Geng: Thank you… I need to work harder!

Fan: And in the end Landlord you still haven't replied one FLY to me, I will go in a corner and draw circles… …
Han Geng: Maybe you can draw a second Shenzhen hehe… (Note: There's a very famous song about Deng Xiaopeng, who was the leader of China in late 80's and early 90's, and one of the lines of the song is about him drawing a circle and making Shenzhen a special centre for economic development ~bored with history yet?)

Fan: Han Geng~ In 20 years, I've never liked any stars, but I got to know you by chance, I'm so lucky! I'm too lucky to become your fan! Han Geng! You're the best!
Han Geng: I'm flattered, let's work hard together!

Fan: Student Han Geng~are you here? I've called N many times but you ignored me, still ignoring me, when do you plan to acknowledge me? Hmph~I'll eat you if you still don't reply me! Take good care of yourself, I don't want to eat a twig.
Han Geng: I'm not Tang Seng (note: Tang Seng is the monk in Journey to the West, along the way, all the monsters wanted to eat him because then they could live forever)

Fan: Han Geng gege: are you sleeping right now?…….sweet dreams!
Han Geng: No… I'll sleep after I finish replying to you guys

Fan: Han Geng ge, because I had to work so I only watched Stage of Youth today, it was really good, you will become a great actor, jiayou! Tomorrow I'll go home to Dongbei, happy! Gege has to be happy!
Han Geng: I wasn't unhappy hehe, you be happy too!

Fan: Quiet and handsome Geng! What are you doing? Are you quietly spacing out, quietly lurking (in forums) or quietly thinking of us! Haha~ Geng smile for us. Are you listening? Roar (there are echoes). I love Geng forever
Han Geng: There are echoes!

Fan: Landlord student, today my family gave me a belated birthday party, something happened during that and it made me very angry, but after I watched "SoY," I felt super good… my mom even let me invite you to come to my house, are you coming [FengMeGeng (crazy for Geng [fan])]
Han Geng: Hehe, say hi to your mom! Thank her for me.

Fan: Da Mie Geng, your "Stage of Youth" is too cute! So crazy~come, come closer, come closer, I want to pinch your cheeks! ~ ~ pinch ~ ~ oh yea! I successfully teased Mie Mie! >_< ~ Ariel (note: Mie/Mie Mie is actually the sound of sheep bleating, like Baaa. it's Han Geng's new nickname and I'm not sure why)
Han Geng: He he… who's going crazy!

Fan: Han Geng I miss you, todays "Stage of Youth" was so funny. I didn't think you could be this rebellious! But you're still so cute! I'll support you forever!
Han Geng: Thank you, I will continue to try my best at acting each character.

Fan: Geng dear, don't try to do everything yourself, remember we're still here, we will always be with you, jiayou
Han Geng: Thank you, are you guys thinking too much, don't worry about me, let's work hard together!!

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{Paper Plane Contest Promotion}

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SO CUTE!!!!!!!!

I have nothing special to do. I just want us to walk on the street together.


“All of sudden, I should win the rock-paper-scissors 100% (against his girl)!”

“It’s nothing actually, but I’ll say that it’s great, (because) winning the rock-paper-scissors = your wish will be granted.”

“And my wish, she should be able to read it by herself!” (laugh)

“Is it a very romantic Valentine’s Day date or… no special plan at all.”

“Valentine (for me) is just receiving chocolate, and then walking together, wandering on the street.”

“Ever since I love shopping, it will be fun if we go shopping together, choosing clothes for each other.”

“Then after doing so, we can just leisurely walk the distance just like a little child.”

“However, because it’s difficult (to realize such kind of date), I think none of my date will turn to be like this.”



Jaejoong is known with his high-reputation in fashion sense among his fans.

When he gets a day off, he will shop hard.

He really gives a positive impression of a modern boy! (T/N: I think it’s more to metrosexual boy)

However, when he got his solo shoot, he kept asking “how to hold this love letter so that it will look good?” surprisingly looked very shy.

For an addition, this man has a cooking skill too! He’s in charge of cooking at home, for all the members.

He loves to watch them eating.

source: beyondyuchun tokyo + dnbn
jap-kor trans: Tami
kor-english trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

It’s still cold at the sea in two last month in winter, thus I will make sure there will be just the two of us.


“I want to go to a date by driving my own car.”

“Eventhough it’s still cold, I really want to go to the sea!”

“The 2 last months in winter, going to the sea with my beloved one. Unlike in summer, sea looks so calm at that time, thus we can relax and be happy more.”

“Just like in Japan, in Korea girls give chocolate in Valentine’s day. When the chocolate is a handmade one, I think it will be much better.”

“I like to think how hard her effort to give chocolate to me, and that makes me happy. How she shops for the chocolate (ingredients), thinking what shape of the chocolate should she makes, I think that’s kind of way to show that she loves me, and I’m sure that’s enough.”

Thus, along with the mood of winter, I want to say thank you to her at the sea.



“As for being alone (alone in case without any family) in a foreign country like Japan. Occasionally I become lonely and being congested.

But because there are the other members, the five of us, we’re able to work in one thought.”

The existence of the other members is everything for Changmin.

He’s also recently taking charge in writing lyrics, thus to make a realistic concept for the lyrics, he said that he wrote diary everynight.

Not only handsome, Changmin is known for his efforts/hardwork. Thus, he’s a kind of whom women think as an ideal boyfriend.

source: beyondyuchuntokyo + dnbn
jap-kor trans: Tami
kor-eng trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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Can this be the answer to our dream has JE finally allowed the gods to be on their shows~ Tohoshinki will appear on SMAPxSMAP as you all know SMAP is one of those Great Legendary Asain Boybands, Nakai the MC in Kouhaku his a Smap member and the ever famous Kimura Takuya, So i guess AVEX has got those important TV guestings for our boys~ i think Tohoshinki will mark their way in to the Japanese Market permanently like a territory or a tattoo or something~ anyway i'm happy~ heres the site~ in google translate GoNews

Also can this mean Music Station for their 26th single "survivor" am i hoping too much, Lets be optimistic and pray for this to happen the MUSIC must not have any discrimination it is free!

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this article was taken from Ya Shim Man Man :)

Jung Yunho
Pains & Tears Issues

Jung Yunho, alternative name ---------- Hospital’s VIP. Visit the hospital annually in average of 30-40 times! Brush past the death more than 100 times…… The numbers of internal trauma injuries accidents are countless and where did those large and small scars on his body come from? Just listen to me slowly.

Scar on the left side of his face
There’s a light scar on the left side of Yunho’s face, many people thought that it was left due to the injury during sports. Actually, this scar has existed since Yunho is 2 years old. The story goes like this: One day, Yunho’s mum and 2 years old Yunho were playing bom bom car at the rooftop, at this moment, the phone rang and Yunho’s mum went to pick up the phone. During this blink of time, little Yunho fall off from the rooftop and landed first with his face on the ground, hence, his left face become bloody and that’s how his scar was left.

Scar on his forehead
It was undeserved for Yunho to have that obvious scar in the center of his forehead! One time, Yunho was standing in front of a book shelf and he was thinking of getting a book from the top shelving, but who knows, just when he was taking the book out from the shelving, the book shelf collapsed at the same time and it was just pressed against Yunho’s forehead. Yunho’s face was full of bloods after being rescued out from the book shelf. The wound have recovered after that, but the scar stayed on his forehead forever.

Scar on his neck
The long scar on Yunho’s neck was left due to operation. When Yunho was young, his vocal and singing was absolutely awesome, but nobody knows why suddenly there’s something growing on his vocal cords. After the doctor diagnoses, he straight away suggested having an operation to remove it. After the operation, Yunho’s neck emerged a long scar. It is also because of this operation, Yunho’s voice was seriously affected, his beautiful voice was having difficulty to send out again. Originally, we thought that Yunho’s throat will be fully recovered after this. However, lesions occurred again in 2006. At that point of time, it was coincided with TVXQ’s Japan Live Tour Concert. All the way from Yunho’s throat to his nasal cavity were full of spores, besides forgetting the unbearable pain at that time, his throat was still unable to send out any voice. Facing the upcoming concert, Yunho could only inject an emergency treatment injection and the effect of this injection was not to remove the virus, it was to turn those non-virus parts into virus, so that Yunho’s throat would be able to be in the state of paralysis. After struggling through the whole concert, Yunho was sent to the hospital straight away and was hospitalized for a week. (The doctor originally advised to stay in the hospital for a month for treatment, but due to the working reason, Yunho could only stay for a week and discharged.)

Incident of falling off from the building
Should I say that Yunho was dogged by bad luck or lucky? There is also a breathtaking moment of Yunho falling off from 4th level when he was young. Yunho was playing catching with his friends at an old 4-levels building. Being the mischievous ones, Yunho was afraid that his friends might found him, so he hung himself outside the wall on 4th level. Just when Yunho was pleased with himself that he had found himself an excellent hiding place, one of his friends ran over with a loud “WOW” and Yunho was scared by it. Then his hands were loosened and fall off from 4th level with his back facing downwards.

Translated: Jaesica
Credits: 韩剧攻略09.1 +
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Side view of SM Building

In front of SM Building, it's a elementary school & middle school

Whole view of SM Building

Main entrance

The staircase that our boys always pass through whenever they went back to SM

Walls outside the building

The road to the SM carpark

All these photos are taken by a Chinese fan when she's in Korea..I also want to write some messages to Super Junior and DBSK on the wall XD...and how lucky the elementary and middle school students whose school is in front of SM building...They can wait for their idols everyday ^^

credit: 有天爱爱00 @ TVXQBaidu + fangirlmitz + gorgeous18


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