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1. BoA
2. Wonder girls
3. Girls’ generation
5. Big Bang
6. Dong Bang Shin Ki
7. Rian
8. Super Junior
9. 2Pm

Boo, should be at least top 5. I'll be walking around my school seeing non-Asians' binders with DBSK's pictures.

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1. Seating plan (see picture above)

2. The amount of pre-sale seat for Asia Music Center on 6th May is 45% of all the tickets in all prices and zone (except for SM, SC, SH open 100% for member only)

3. Extra 25% will be open for pre-sale on 7-10 May 2009

4. You can choose Zone but cannot choose seat (seat number is sorted according to reserving time, starting from front row to the back. IMPORTANT you have to transfer money and notify us (referring to pingbook) withing the date and time the system have tell you. If you don't notify us by the time you've given, you reservation is canceled.

5. Asia Music Center Member can Pre-sale via from 6 May 2009 8:30 am till 7 May 2009 8:30 am (24hrs)

6. Normal Pre-sale via start from 7 May 2009 8:30am till 10 May 12:00pm

7. 1 Asia Music Center member can only but 4 ticket per performance date.

8. Pre-sale Tickets can be collected on 6-7 June and 13-14 June at Asia Music Center from 11am - 4 pm or by post

9. Those who are eligible for pre-sale on 6 May has to apply for Asia Music Center member during 1-5 May 2009 at Asia Music Studio 3rd Floor Central World Place Forum Zone 11am - 8pm

10. First 500 applicant will received TVXQ! Photo Book: A Week Holiday – Camping for free

11. You can apply for someone else for Asia Music Center (you will have to go by yourself for the first 500 to get photobook)

12. Documents you need for the application area copy of you ID card or student card or house registration book. For appling for other, use copy of the person applying and sign it.

13. Applicant fee must pay in cash

14. Receive sms news about the concert for Free by pressing *242 and send (for AIS and one-2-call network only)

15. More information please contact 4NOLOGUE: tel. 02 249 9215-6 or, PINGBOOK: email

Ticket Prices:

4500 THB - USD $128 +/-
3500 THB - USD $ 99
2500 THB - USD $ 71
1500 THB - USD $ 43
800 THB - USD $ 23

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Super Junior M members are the new models for popular drink Pepsi.

Super Junior M who was on their 2nd visit to HongKong on the 27th, announced the news at the press conference at Garden Farm Golf Centre on the 28th.

The conference is call ‘Pepsi Super Junior M collaboration press conference’ saw the presence of 300 fans. Super Junior M members also tried on the traditional music instruments Reco Reco, Agogo and Guiro etc.

Other Asian stars who have endorsed the products are F4, Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai etc. Super Junior M members have already went for the filming of the CF in Thailand in February.

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..My Wife Got Married..(...Think...)
2009.04.29 01:15 AM

..because Song Hye Jin is in the film, the membersㅋㅋㅋ

..agreed to watch it together but missed it..ㅋㅋㅋa movie we weren't able to watch..ㅋㅋㅋ's more explicit than I thought. Men were saying angry words as they watched..

..but it's really interesting..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

..but I earnestly read the book that I received as a present..

..during that time, I read books about morality and about techniques of becoming a leader, read in soccer...

..married a lover..but married again..

..whoa..nonsense...ㅋㅋㅋㅋI would be dead if it was me..!!!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ would obviously react to cheating like this..

..women would be breaking the traditions that prohibit such acts...

..if I were to face such a situation, I would die..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

..someone you may be loving right now has kept in touch with another?...

..regret is inevitable later on..ㅋㅋㅋㅋconsequences will be great, too..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

..But I..realize I can never receive love and turn my eyes away

..don't do that..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ's interesting...but I don't want to experience this in real life..ㅋㅋㅋ

..having one lover is enough...

credit: Jungsoo's CY, SJ Baidu bar, 腐腐@O~BLUE妖精原创网 translated from Chinese to English by: Please be aware parts of the original entry may be missing or inconsistent due to inevitable factors from translating from another language. TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS

..Beloved Donghae.. (...Special...)
2009.04.29 at 01:31 AM

..My brother Lee Dong Hae..who's now become more than a fellow member of the group..'s been 10 years together..we've been through alot..

..Happiness Sadness Joy Tears..we've been through it little brother..

..when I come back from a tiring schedule.. brother makes me laugh by saying..hyung!!!hyung's really jjang..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ do you do it on broadcasts?..kekekeke I'm so jealous..kekekeke little brother who can make me smile..

..when I lay down to sleep... he calls out hyung!!!!!!!......

..I'm going to (sleep) beside hyung..and hw slips into the blankets..

..and then because it's annoying I kick him away..ㅋㅋㅋ then he comes back pretending to be upset

..but its really annoying..kekekekekekekekekekekekekekek *and the laughter goes on*

..he said: Hyung! When I leave for China again, you'll be lonely. he's in HongKong...and I'm really

..early morning even though he's tired he's always willing to talk about worries and troubles throughout the night...

..he always says..that he'll always believe in me and will always follow me...and it's because hyung is doing well..and he gives me strength...ㅠㅠ

..Donghae ya!! I want you to be happy always!!!... you remember that time when we were crying together because we didn't know what the future held for us, whether we would be able to succeed, before we debuted?..kkkk now you're working ahead so don't be worried now..

..Do your best!! Hyung will work hard as well and become the best Idol, and best MC....kekeke

..and then get secured..and bring you up!!!!!!!kekekekeke promise!!!

..I'm alone in this big room..I'm lonely..I miss you..keke

..Your father in Heaven is always watching over you and supporting you..!!!!

..Thank you..!! Like you always said our health is the most important!!!..

..You be healthy too!!

..My little brother Lee Donghae...!! I LOVE YOU........................^^v

Original Source. 박정수 Cyworld
Credits to *//{baby해}, carolyn & soundscape at SJ-WORLD.NET


new image:


April 27th, 2005 we debuted in Japan with .

and this year, we’re welcoming our 4th debut anniversary in Japan.

We made a big success with our debut in Korea, therefore, when we started our way debuting in Japan, we came with tremendous hope and also self-confidence.

But it didn’t turn out that way. We met a lot of difficulties, the changing environment, couldn’t make up with Japanese life–among all the strangers…. and the hardest part of all was Japanese language.

Relying to our own self to live here was not as easy as we thought before. Along with that, our hope was steadily faded away, our self-confidence also slowly disappeared.

“Why should we be here, what makes us to be here? If only we’re just in Korea, we won’t be like this…”

We thought about it a lot of times. And the more we thought, the more we’re absorbed to it.

At that time, despites all our purposes and dreams, all we wanted was release everything and back to Korea!

But, in the end we held out and stay. And one who made us stay in Japan Was all you guys!

We still remember, our first stage in Japan… eventhough there were only few people, but we tried our best. Seeing everyone slowly followed our rhythm by clapping their hands, listening to our singing considerately as brought by the melody… all of those gave a big power to us.

For all friends who took care of our dream, we definitely couldn’t just let everything go. Thus we told to ourselves, “FIGHTING!”

At our first Arena concert, at the latest venue, we promised everyone, “Next year, we’ll meet in a bigger venue!!!”

For that promise, we worked hard. The second Arena concert, we made a finale stage at Budoukan hall. The tour last year was also ended successfully.


The first time we performed there in front of audiences who might not even know anything about us.

But each year, as you can see, our fans has been increasing.

The special one was last year A-Nation, where from front to back, there were all of you guys. We all got crazy together at that time. It’s really touching.

We could stand on stage, feel all your support and love, is the most precious thing to us.

Today we want to tell this to you.

It’s all because your love which makes us to fight all the agitation at the beginning of our career here.

Time passes so quickly, but then it’s only 4 years. Remembering all these 4 years, to be here with everyone talking together, holding a fanmeeting, we’re very glad.

Really thank you, to have all your support. For all who sincerely support Tohoshinki, we can’t ever thank you properly.

Henceforth, we’ll walk forward step by step by working harder!

All Bigeast~ please keep supporting us!!!

Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Changmin, Yunho
The 3rd Bigeast Fanmeeting

Source: Bigeast 3rd Fanmeeting
Credits: 存在 + TVXQCN + Hobbs+{DBSJ Heaven}
Japanese - Chinese trans: TVXQ Family
Chinese - Indo trans:
Indo - Eng trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Last year’s song “Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natta Shimattan Darou?” leads to another sorrowful ballad love song, “Stand by U” whose recording is already finished in Usen (music broadcast cable). The release date of this song is still to be determined.

In the meantime, Tohoshinki’s single “Share The World/We Are” has a sales sum of 98,000 receiving 6th place. Therefore this group has replaced their own highest foreign artist’s record with this single.

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TVXQ! The 3rd Asia Tour Concert “Mirotic” in Bangkok

4nologue will be an organizer for TVXQ! The 3rd Asia Tour Concert “Mirotic” in Bangkok” with more than 70 million baht budget with the best sound-effect at Impact Arena Maung Thong Thani which can contain more than 25,000 audiences.

Date: 27 and 28 June 2009

Ticket Price: 800 / 1500 / 2500 / 3500 and 4500
Sale date: 30 May 2009
More details soon
Pre sale : 7 - 10 May 2009 via

For those who register for Asia Music Centre within this 5 May 2009, you will get a chance to buy the ticket before the official PRE-SALE via

You can join Asia Music Centre club on 1 May 2009 at Asia Music Centre, 3rd Fl at the Central World (member fee is 1,000 baht yearly with the following priviledges)

1. Get ASIA MUSIC SIM card from AIS One-2-call and you will get the free download anf Wi-Fi internet at Asia Music Centre.
2. Get 10% discount when purchasing goods from Asia Music Centre
3. The priviledge in purchasing CD/VCD/DVD from Asia Music Centre with the very special price.
4. The chance of MEET & GREET with your favorite artists (from Thailand and other countries)
5. The chance to sit in the front seat at your artists showcase (Asia music centre will make the activity event every month)
6. Get a chance to join our special event and activities
7. Get discount or priviledge in purchasing the concert ticket that would be organized by Asia Music Centre.
8. Get a chance to fly to watch the concert in other countries (more than 2 times a year)
9. Get a chance to watch the movie at the special time at SF cinema once a month and more and more priviledges

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Trans: sharingyoochun @WP

■ straps

■ Face towel

■ Tote bag

■ mirror

■ Hair Cube (with 1 kind of sticker)

■ Stickers

■ brochure

■ Posters

■ Light Stick

■ T shirt Black (S M)
■ T-shirts White (S M)




■ Photo Album

■ Vanity purse


■ Shawl

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I WANT THIS!!! ALL of them!!!

Tohoshinki single, Share The World/We Are! which was released on April 22nd won the top of ORICON WEEKLY chart, thus makes them as the first foreign artists who places their single 6th times as ORICON weekly winner and set a new record.

Share The World/We Are! also became #1 ORICON Daily at the release date, April 22nd.

On April 28th at ORICON website said, “Tohoshinki makes another hit in their career as they ranked #1 at weekly chart for 6th times for their Share The World/We Are single. They set record as the first foreign artist who got the most No.1 on weekly chart.”

Accordingly, the other Tohoshinki’s singles who got #1 at ORICON weekly are: Purple Line (January 2008), Beautiful You/Sennen Koi Uta (April 2008), Doushite Kimi Wa Suki Ni Natta Shimattan Darou? (July 2008), MIROTIC (October 2008), and Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide (May 2009).

Meanwhile, to commemorate the winning of this 27th single in ORICON Weekly single chart, Share The World/We Are will be released in Korea on May 6th, 2009 with CD, CD + DVD versions available. There will be subtitles for the DVD and a high reaction of the local fans are expected.

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Hahaha yesterday I went to Crebeau-Mic and Crebeau-Sha (T/N: Crebeau-Mic is the store that Yoochun’s mom owns while Crebeau-Sha is the store that Junsu’s mom owns)

I met Park Yoochun’s mom. She kept smiling all day and talked to me as well ^^
I think she’s very nice.. just like Micky ^^

At the store, one thing I like very very much it’s slippers Micky >///<
I saw Yoochun’s mom stared at her computer which had Yoochun pic as desktop background.
As soon as she saw Yoochun pic, she smiled so wide.. ahhh.. she really loves Yoochun very much T[]T

and her ringtone was also Yoochun’s new single, ahhh
I love it also … but I only listened to it for a while (as Yoochun mom picked up the phone quick)

Tomorrow I will go to Crebeau-Mic again
hahaha I need to meet Yoochun’s mom again T[]T
She’s really nice to me….

She also had her mouse pad printed by Yoochun pic!

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The Platinum Special Edition is basically Version C with a special DVD, a folder and a different sleeve.

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OM Magazine

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