Sunday, July 12, 2009

Note from garnet_moon07@LJ:

I was randomly browsing blogs and stumble with one of my favorite composers, UTA of Tiny Voice Productions (which is known for composing / producing Japanese R&B songs). He watched DBSK’s performance and was impressed with them. UTA might not be famous to overseas fans but without him (and guys from Tiny Voice Productions), we won’t have some good music to enjoy.

I am hoping that he will produce more good songs for DBSK.

Left to Right: L&J (a rapper), AKIRA (lyricist/composer), UTA

Yesterday I went to Tokyo Dome to watch Tohoshinki’s live

I went with AKIRA, but I met with L&J at concert venue.

I was overwhelmed by the enormous amount of people, luxurious stage set, and I enjoyed the performance til the very end.

It was hard to hug all members in the dressing room, though (laughs)

Finally today Stand by U got 1st at ORICON Daily!!!

After all, being 1st is still a delightful!

source: UTA’s blog
credit: garnet_moon07@LJ
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress


SYC note: As you may have already known, there are a lot of public figures who watched Tohoshinki’s DOME Concert. All MCs of Zoom In (yes, the 4 of them) watched it as well, even not at the same days (they went two by two). I remember reading their blogs a week ago, I guess, lol

the difference between us, the fans, and them is…. they can freely enter the backstage, though T___T

and they know Tohoshinki’s members’ cellphone numbers XD


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