Thursday, March 26, 2009

- You’ve got together again after a long time
Shiwon : It’s one and half year. Last year we were all busy with the sub-group SJT, SJM, SJH and individual activities. Last year, the sub-groups’ achievement are very dazzling. SJM has received so many awards in China as well as SJT got the No.2 on Japanese Oricon daily chart.

- When did you prepare for the 3rd album ? There was a lot of anxiety because you have to show your own style
Leeteuk : We made it within 1 year beside keeping coming in and out Korea. Super Junior’s music hasnt have its own color so this time we worked very hard to create a style for it. Many famous composers and sunbaenim like Yoo Youngjin, Kenzie, Lee Jaemyong, Park ChanHyung, Hwanhee, Yoo Youngseok have made a higher level album.

- How was the reaction after the first performance on Music bank?
Kangin : It’s very good. I heard that Se7en, Boa, DBSG’s Xiah Junsu…….liked the song “Sorry sorry”. This time our image and vocal are matching with the trend of minimal funky genre. Many celebrities have put our music as their minihompy’s background music. And I aslo heard that the pre-order of our album is more than 150.000

- There are so many incidents during 13 members’ together activities, can you telll us some funny behind story?
Sungmin : We had to use 2 elevators to come here for the intervews quickly. We also have 2 apartments. Therefore, the noisy members live on upper floor and the quiet members live on lower floor so we dont interupt our neighborhood. In the morning, there will be one member having shower, one member washing face and one member doing his own bussiness at the smae time in just one bathroom. Because we have many members so it’s quite hard to know if someone missing. Once time we came up to a local event and when we started to leave, it’ was Shindong behind the bus. And we fight a lot but we’re still friend anyhow.

- So do you practice together a lot?
KyuHyun : We made a group called “SM United” with DBSG, The TRAX, Shinee and practice together. We aslo played football and basketball together. Shinee’s Minho even came to our dorm on vacation to sleep.

- You guys have influence on teenagers. Charity events are very meaningful.
Ryeowook : About 1 year before debut, I had volunteered to offer meals to the homeless persons and I had learned a lot from doing that. We’re always willing to do the charity events if we have time. Also there are fans who do the charity events every months under our name.

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