Friday, March 27, 2009

CM: My dream has finally come true! This time, its my favourite- pizza. I love pizza so much I want to order it even when we're eating, but Yoochun's the only member who responds when I ask everyone to go for pizza, its so lonely.

YH: The members usually eat rice. Compared to rice, pizza seems more like fast food to us.

YC: Changmin eats pizza with rice. There's no problem with getting him to eat rice. -laughs-

YH: But pizza has a lot of calories, and isn't very healthy. Is that alright?

CM: Pizzas with a thick crust have more calories, its more practical to make the crusts with dumpling skin.

YC: Hmm, dumpling skin. Sounds like a good idea, it'd be crispy when you bite into it.

JJ: Its great that pizza's a fast food. You get to eat it anytime. Its also easy to make, so Changmin, I'll make you one when you're in a bad mood next time. I'll add a lot of tomato sauce.

JS: I'll make one when I want to see Changmin. Changmin'll definitely come back if there's pizzas! Put more mushrooms and natto on it.

CM: Talk about the BGM, it was good right?

JJ: The pizza had the red colour of tomatoes and white colour of cheese, the colour gave out a lot of courage. Our new single, Survivor, also has lyrics that give people courage, so these two seem to go together well.

YH: It'd be quite suitable to eat pizza and play some fast-tempo songs at the same time right?

All: ...... What do you mean?

JS: Okay, as everyone is thinking of questions to ask, I'm going to eat the last piece!

YC: This pizza was eaten up unknowingly as well... its really delicious, please try out the recipe!-laughs-

Ingredients are enough for 2 servings:
- 12 pieces dumpling skin
- 1/8 onion
- 3 small sausages
- some cheese
- some tomato sauce
- spices (if available)
- olive oil
- coarse black pepper
- parsley

1. Dice the onions, cut the sausages into 5mm-thick pieces.
2. Add some water to the sides of a piece dumpling skin, and add another piece on top. Make 6 such pizza crusts.
3. Spread some tomato sauce and add some spices onto the crust made in step 2. Add on the onions, cheese and sausages. Bake for 5-7 minutes in the microwave.
4. Add some olive oil onto the completed pizza. Sprinkle on the coarse black pepper and parsley.

The manly and cool leader of TVXQ, what are Yunho's favourite things?

1. Soup Pot
There are soup pots in Korea too, but I fell in love with the lighter-tasting soup pots in Japan as soon as I tried them! I'd go to eat soup pots whenever I go to Fukuoka and Sapporo.

2. Michael Jackson
I started liking him when I was young, he's a legendary existence to me. His singing is excellent, and his dancing is even better.

3. Travelling.
I want to go out for a drive even if I have only a day. I can forget a lot of my troubles and become relaxed when I'm travelling.

4. Nirvana
They sing well, and their songs are great as well. I kept listening to "Come As You Are" when I was a trainee.

5. Family
My family's similar to the kind that you see on a family sitcome, we have very good relationships with one another. We would contact each other 3 times a week now. We get along very well with our relatives as well.

Credits: Ray Magazine
Translation: Banana-chan@TVXQfever
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