Sunday, March 29, 2009

- The prerequisite idol groups' leaders should have -

Almost all idol groups have a leader that can represent them.

Age, personality, experience, eloquence etc are the conditions that one must have to be a leader.

Most group leaders are chosen because they're the oldest among that group. The leader of TVXQ is U-know Yunho and Super Junior's leader is LeeTeuk.

Being the oldest and being able to guide other members are the basic requirements to be chosen as a leader. The most suitable person would be one who can strengthen the bond of the group and get the members together.

In fact, U-know Yunho is the most charming, unique and confident leader. Nevertheless because they understand more of idol group's significant compare to others.

Of course they can't be just a leader that only one or two people who are satisfy with, their role as leaders are very important to both the company and members because they reflect issues from both sides.

Although there is no special grading to this but idols who are active also possesses potential of becoming a leader. Maybe all the group leaders have commons but the basic requirement still requires tolerance of "guiding the relationship between members".

credit: TVXQbaidu
translations: choco@TVXQfever.blogspot
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