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The joint venture project of Korea-Japan,Tele Cinema, is now nearing its completion phase. Each episode will be having at least a 90- 105 minutes airing time. Heaven's Postman will be simultaneously broadcasted on SBS (Korea) and TV Asahi (Japan).

TVXQ Hero Jaejoong and actress Han Hyo Joo who will be staring in Heaven's Postman, is about a messenger who connects the Afterlife with the present world. He will be a mailman who is in charge of sending the death of a friend or family member (of a person) up to heaven.

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Here's another of the same article, different translator:

Tele Cinema’s project, a joint production of Korea-Japan by Samhwa Networks is now entering its completion phase.

Already confirmed that 6 from 7 film series of Tele Cinema are already finished including Heaven’s Postman.

Each series has amount of 90 - 105 minutes broadcast time, while all Tele Cinema series will be aired at the same time in October on SBS for South Korea and on TV Asahi for Japan. However, the exact broadcasting time is still in negotiation as all parties are in the phase of organizing both TV station’s airing schedules.

For promotion strategy, about 3 - 5 series are planned to be released earlier in May.

Currently all the authors, PDs, and the artists for each series are anticipating which drama series currently gather most fans’ attention.

Here’s the 7 series’ titles which will greet you in the month of October:

Heaven’s Postman
After The Wedding
Face and a Heart of Love
The Dream of Rock
Age of 19th

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