Saturday, March 28, 2009

After 1 year and 6 months of absence, Super Junior came back and their titletrack was crowned 1st Place only 2 weeks later, on KBS Music Bank's chart. Super Junior received this honour, taking over an important candidate such as Seo Taiji's , and SoNyeoSiDae's !

Super Junior members were strongly affected by the win and cried along with their fans. In their speech, Super Junior gave a shoutout to fellow group member Kim Kibum, who could not perform with them, and said: "Kibumah, your hyungs did it!".

In particular, SoNyeoSiDae, who are under the same company as Super Junior, congratulated them on their win as well and shed tears.

Super Junior's 3rd album is already topping the charts of the Music Industry and Music Pop. The sales reflected on Hanteo, HotTracks, etc. see the album on 1st Place in the weekly chart; the titletrack is on top of the charts on Dosirak,, Box, etc. and numerous other online websites showing Super Junior's increasing popularity.

created a trend and it was said to be the week's most played song on radio AND TV.

Original Source. newsen & mydaily (merged)
Credits to La’MISS:fairy at

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This is supposed to be their speech, but this time they're almost impossible to understand...

Leeteuk: ah, thank you~ ah first of all thank you to teacher Lee Sooman, and president Kim Youngmin, and president Nam Soyoung(?), and composer Yoo Youngjin. And all SM TOWN people and the Super Junior staff. And to the member can watch us on TV*--- Kibumah! Your hyungs did it! And--

Han Geng: this time, although preparing for 3jib in Korea was very tiring, but we know that you have always been there. Thank you China fans for all your continuous support, I'm always by your side. I love you all.

Yesung: to all Super Junior fans who have been waiting for us, thank you, I love you!

* I am not sure about this, firstly because Leader is a mess of tears and slurred words; secondly, because he cuts himself off before finishing the sentence.

Credits to La'MISS:fairy (Korean) and ゞilσvεjr⌒★ (Chinese) at


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