Sunday, March 29, 2009

Staff Diary #2
gratifying Sorry,Sorry 1st place!!!
2009-03-27 9:55:00PM

hi~ the last time i came and wrote for the 1st time
giving my regards for the 2nd time i'm JJ. ^///^

today's very gratifying news!!!!
Super Junior “Sorry, Sorry” first 1st place.. saw everything?

ㅠ0ㅜ seriously hiding the presence of tears at that very touching moment
the first thing that came to mind was the huge amount of effort put in (by the boys) and that's the same for all the fans.

still at Super Junior's side at any moment
all the gracious fans who are always giving together~

really really put in lots of effort.
but,, from now on you know it's only the beginning right?

1 year and 6 mths of waiting
Super Junior and all the fans
creating moments together..

with such awesome results
shown(,) i too do not have a bit of doubt^0^;

during the first comeback broadcast
the power and love of all the fans screaming “Sorry, Sorry” together
we'll do this till the end together right?

the delicious lunchbox, fruits country, insect country, music's goddess etcetc
taking over everything until our country mobile has been taken over
how's that? happy.gif;;

let us continue working towards Super Junior's 1st place~~!! aja aja!!

i have nothing to give to everyone
i'm really troubled over what to show~

white day on 14th march at MBC music core
there was a fanmeeting
let's take a look at super junior's cool image.

ah~!! where are the rest of the members~ anyone's thinking like that?
please wait for part 2~ ^^
please give Super Junior official homepage lots of love~

by; carolyn @


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