Sunday, May 03, 2009

Chinese & Korean group Super Junior M arrived in HongKong earlier for Pepsi's contract signing event. It was reported that the company spent a year looking for a new spokesperson, only recently were arrangements made for SJM to become a part of the Pepsi team. This makes SJM the second male group to become a spokesperson after F4, joining Louis Khoo, Jolin Tsai, Huang Xiao Ming, Lee Junki & others, to form the, now 12-membered, Pepsi family.

SJM has spent an extended period of time in mainland China developing, but their popularity in HongKong is also rather high. The signing day was held in suburban Saigon in an outdoor golf course, but still attracted over a hundred supportive fans, amongst them weren't a lack of fifty, sixty year old "Mother grade fans". They wore tidy blue outfits, & braved the hot day, shouting chants. When the seven members of SJM appeared from two bulldozers, there were fans that even wept with joy; braving the hot day, SJM played seven different unusual instruments, adding to the fun atmosphere.

Leader Hangeng took on many roles that day, becoming the members' nanny & translator; the other two Chinese members Zhoumi & Henry showed off their Cantonese live. But the two of them were teased by Hangeng who said, "how come I can understand your Cantonese perfectly? When the Cantonese speak I don't understand at all. It must be that it isn't quite genuine!" When talking about the recent popularity surge of new movie & television plans, Hangeng excitedly expressed, "I really hope to film an action flick, because I personally have learnt Wushu & dance before, I'm very nimble when it comes to flips, so if I were to film an action flick, I would definitely look so cool! The best would be if I could work with Jackie Chan, Sun Hong Lei or Andy Lau, they're actors that I really love!" Other than that, Hangeng revealed that SJM has plans to have a concert in HongKong, & that there are also plans for their new album to include Cantonese song/s.

original article; 广州日报 (Guangzhou Daily Paper)
translation credits; fragment @


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