Monday, April 06, 2009

" why are our oppadeul not coming out yet?”

Last year Super Junior fans were really upset. Even though (the fans) can see them participate in activities as sub-units and individually but since September 2007 after the release of 2jib you hardly see Super Junior participating in activities as a complete group. The fans' thirst were all gotten rid of when 3rd album was released last month. Title Song 'Sorry, Sorry' is the work of SM Entertainment's 'music teacher' Yoo Youngjin. With strong sounds and striking visuals, this time Yoo Youngjin, the person who created SMP (SM's Music and Performance), created gayo kingdom's latest hottest trend 'hook' (toxicity), bringing more focus to the song.

The results were of great satisfaction. 'Sorry Sorry~', 'I', "fell" in the lyrics were repeating 'toxic code' and were well-liked by the fans and is now number 1 on the sales chart. They always took the first few spots in other online charts. Super Junior "This album has a very important significance in the long run. Fortunately it has become like a stepping stone". Leader Leeteuk said "'Sorry Sorry' will become an opportunity to secure a wider fanbase.

"With skyrocketing popularity, they received invitations from many. It's a must to perform at music programs, a place where one can witness their popularity. At the recent KBS2 'Music Bank' Super Junior was singing and practising together and fine-tuning their cheoreography in the waiting room. preparing for the perfect stage performance. Here are the selka (Self-Camera) of what's happening during Super Junior's preparation of all that. The sincere image with a sense of professionalism, only through the selka can you see their quiet side, showcasing the different charms Super Junior have.

1. Super Junior showing 'Sorry, Sorry' dance highlight pose before going on stage. With folded arms, leaning the upper body slightly backwards and going round in circular motions this dance gained popularity. Eeteuk said satisfyingly "In the past Super Junior's songs only gained popularity in the fanclub but now it seems like people of all ages like (the songs). In UCC there are many videos of (fans) following the dance chereography being the 1st time experiencing this it's interesting." and " In the past compared to online downloads, Super Junior's music album sales are better. With this popularity as a foundation this time I see a potential in the increase in online downloads."
2. In the waiting room Shindong wore the sunglasses and asking the members "suits me to a T right?" Shindong and Leeteuk who was sitting beside him took part in activities as a trot unit 'Super Junior-T'. For the second half of 2008 Super Junior T together with Japanese female gag duo Moeyan released the hit song 'Rokkuko' and charting at 2nd place on the Oricon Single Daily Chart. Shindong mentioned "In Japan 'Rokkuko' got on the chart with a place of 34th, in just 4 days it went up to the 2nd place and we were surprised. It seemed like our song "Rokkuko" is contributing to promoting trot in the Japanese market and we felt really good."
3. Having filmed the movie 'Mokgong' together with top star Andy Lau and An Sung Ki, Super Junior's Kkotminam Choi Siwon is sitting in front of the mirror putting on make up. Choi Siwon "Last year our fellow labelmates Dong Bang Shin Ki and SHINee were all active so frankly speaking if we were to come back then there might be 'family conflict' for all we know" and revealing "We have been participating in the award ceremonies and end of year gayo-related events yearly since debut but last year that we did not attend such events and it's still a pity."

4. In the middle of taking a break, Kyuhyun, Donghae, Shindong, Ryeowook (frm the right) humming a track from their new album, ‘Majuchiji Malja’. FlytotheSky's member Hwanhee composed this song as an emotional ballad and it's regarded as one of the members' favourite songs. The members declared “Super Junior have a strongly fitting image on variety-recreation programs, however with this song Super Junior would like to hear that they are capable of singing too

5. On the recent Music Bank, after they were announced as the winners of 1st Place, the members couldn't stop the tears on stage. In the backstage, the aftertaste of joy hasn't left yet, and they pose holding the 1st Place trophy for a memorial picture. While encouraging each other, the members said “You did a good job” at the peak of their delight. Leeteuk said “SHINee - DongBangShinKi - SoNyeoSiDae have been popular since last year. I would like for Super Junior to be able to reach that level.”

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