Monday, April 06, 2009

In order to fool her husband Kangin, actress Lee Yunji did a surprise camera but failed.

On the episode of MBC's ‘Sunday Sunday Night’(일밤) Part 2 ‘We Got Married’(우결) which aired on the 5th, Lee Yunji didn't come home, didn't wear her wedding ring around, and didn't even send Kangin a birthday message in order to surprise him with a surprise camera.

Lee Yunji wanted to test ‘What am I to that person?’ She said to Kangin “Let's see each other without the camera.” and that “I have some complicated work so she might not be able to do it. Don't get remarried like Hyungdon oppa.

”In response Kangin said, “You want to get a divorce? Why? Just because you forgot my birthday? That's not right.” and he replied by saying “You just drink the sweet water and get married don't you?” Lee Yunji who was surprised by this response lied saying “I'm doing a drama now. There will be a lot of filming in the country so I don't think I can have this married life."

Kangin, who was saddened by her words, showed his consent when she asked him to take a picture for their memories, and he, himself, started packing his things. Lee Yunji, who saw this, eventually asked “Are you angry that I said let's break up?” And after she confessed “As expected, I can't match up to you! It was a Surprise Camera.

”Following this Lee Yunji said “I dug my own grave.” and said, with a reflecting look on her face and a smile, that “The surprise camera was a bit awkward. I should have been a bit more elaborate about this, I'll never do something like this again”

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