Friday, May 08, 2009

Super Junior, in the recent filming of KBS2TV 'Star Golden Bell', selected Shin Hye Sung as their first choice when they were asked which Shinhwa member they wish to be most similar to.

Super Junior member Kyuhyun explained: "I have always liked computer games a lot, and Shin Hye Sung sunbaenim introduced a professional game group to me. Thanks to Hye Sung sunbaenim, I met many professional gamers, (and that made me) very happy.", bringing laughter to the filming location.

During filming that day, Super Junior members were also given time to seek forgiveness from people they have always wished to apologise to. Donghae said "(I) want to apologise to Yesungie hyung. Yesungie hyung often treats us dongsaengs affectionately (but) I would send off an air of dislike*. I'm sorry for that." Donghae's apology caused the audience to burst into laughter.

Super Junior and senior singers "Glass Box" then performed a ballad version of 'Sorry, Sorry', receiving applause from every one.

*Phrased in a more playful manner in Korean

Credits: SJ Baidu吧
Translated from Chinese to English by yurim_sj♥ @


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