Thursday, May 07, 2009

Super Junior Kim Heechul has revealed that his singing part in "Sorry sorry" is just 4 seconds

Kim Heechul said on KBS2TV "Happy together season 3" episode which will be aired on May 7th that "(The song) was divided into part since there are 13 members" and "Because of that, my part is only 4 seconds"

Kim Heechul said "I am called <4> among the fans" and "Although my singing part is only 4 seconds, the reason that I still receive a lot of love from fans is my pose in the ending of the song" and showed that pose which was made by Lee Sooman

Kim Heechul said "When watching our comeback 's choreography and music video, Lee Sooman said , hence make (the pose) come into being" which made everybody burst out laughing

Also, he said "The member who has small part after me is Hankyung" and "He doesnt have any individual singing part and just sing along with the whole group the chorus so he is the one who is in the center of the group when we perform" and imitated Hankyung's awkward Korean which made the studio burst out laughing.

The show will be aired at 11.05pm on May 7th

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