Sunday, May 03, 2009

Don't get your panties in a bunch ELFs,Kim Heechul just mentioned that fellow member Choi Si Won has always wanted to get the future. On MBC's 'Three Turns', it was mentioned that "Si Won has always wanted to get married.". But during the filming, it seems Si Won began to have some doubts about marriage. Heechul revealed that Si Won had whispered to him "Does everyone become like that after marriage?" after seeing how Jo Hye Ryun and her husband interacted.

The rest of the people went on to reassure him that it was just an act for the camera and that they were very happy. Of course Lee Kyung Shil couldn't resist saying "What part of them looks happy?" but it made for a great laugh. But really, what married couple is completely happy all the time? Unless you're a guy married to a hot she-hulk that will come after you with a bat. Then you'll be happy all the time...or else.

original source : allkpop
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