Tuesday, May 05, 2009

JS - My roommate.. He stacks his clothes on his bed. He himself doesn’t sleep on the bed and instead sleeps outside on the living room floor. He gives his one and only bed to his clothes, which is an unfortunate thing. The question is, does he sleep on the floor because he’s too lazy to clean it up? I hope he quickly cleans up his bed, and as he is my roommate, I want to sleep with him, Youngwoongy-hyung. Just please. Let’s clean up. A little bit.

JS - It’s because it’s unfortunate. Really, there are two beds in our rooms; it’s what Youngwoongy-hyung and I use together. There are two beds, but they’re placed together (side-by-side)
*To Jaejoong* Say something.

YC - I went over to their house a day before yesterday, and I went to Junsu’s room, and he was doing something. And I asked him, “Hey Junsu, who sleeps over there?” And Junsu, who was on the computer said, “the clothes sleep there.”


JS - Seriously! His clothes sleep on the bed and he sleeps on the floor. I just don’t get it!
JJ - It’s because..
Host -Because you don’t want to bother cleaning it up
JJ - No, no, more than that. I have a lot of clothes, and there isn’t enough closet space to put them all away. There are clothes Yoochunnie left behind before he moved out, and there are other managers’ clothes too, and I can’t just throw them away.. And so they just kept stacking up, and it isn’t organized
JS - Once, I said let’s sleep together, I really want to sleep with you, so let’s clean up. And we did clean up! . . . . . About 5 days later, everything went back to the way it was before.

Credits: Mabe & Intan@Soompi + OneTVXQ
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