Saturday, May 09, 2009

Hola, salut and hello dear Phoenixes and of course other European TVXQ fans. ^_^

Many fans have been waiting for this project to be restarted and we can finally announce that we want to try it (again).

But what is this project about anyway?

Very simple – We fans want to come together and bring TVXQ to Europe!

How many times have we been dreaming about visiting a concert of our favorite band? How many times have we wished for having the money to fly to Korea or Japan? At the same time we all know that it’s nearly impossible.. too expensive, too far away…

When will WE European fans get the chance to see them live?

We also want to be recognized!

So why don’t we try to change this?

Let’s show them how many fans they have in Europe and that we also love and support them as much as their fans in Asia do.

What do you need to do?

Look at the flyer above ^_^

  • Write about how much you want to see them here (!)
  • Let them know how huge the fanbase is in whole Europe.
  • Tell them about the European FC
  • Or about your country and how many fans you have etc..
  • You could also mention that you would travel through Europe in case they really come here.. (Of yourse only if you really would)

Whatever you like ^_^

The best would be letters with short content. The reader should see immediately what the letter is about.. Of course you can write more than one page but I think the message gets lost easily if you write a novel.

Very important:

Try to send the letter BEFORE 1st of June!
Per AIRMAIL! So it arrives in Japan in 4-7 days

This time we won’t send it to Korea (SM Entertainment) but to Japan.
Yukidama (one of the admins of Phoenix) who is currently living in Japan and is a member of Bigeast will gather the letters and send them to the Bigeast Fanmail Apartment. They guarantee that DBSK will get them. ^_^

Please do also write your own address on the envelope, just in case! We don't want anymore lost letters. Besides it would be nice for the boys to know where each and every single letter came from.

Also please spread the word and let other European fans know about this project! It would be awesome if you guys could promote in your countrie's FC's as well!!
And/or translate the text in your language so people would understand it with bad English knowledge^^
We want to reach every European fan and not only members of Phoenix~

So don't hesitate to promote /yay We don't have much time.. only a month.. because Anke will move to another flat by the end of June...

Together we can achieve a lot and I believe someday we will make our dream come true ^_^

Your Phoenix-Team

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  1. Anonymous said...
    hi i'm sabrina ,i live in paris and i would love them coming here in europe . but i didnt get the exact address where i should send my letter...
    can u tell me please thanks.
    btw your blog is absolutly fantastic !!! ♥♥♥

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