Monday, April 06, 2009

Well, obviously.. I were Micky, i would get mad too.. Trying to snap photo that near for what?? At 0.17, u can see Micky's grabbing the camera from the fangirl.. An attentdant tries to take it back, but Micky refuse..

credit:deevinne@YT + alkpop
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  1. super junior-ELF-forever said...
    he refused to give it to the male attendant but seconds later he pass it to the female staff..

    he looked so angry..
    Serena said...
    I’m a DBSK fan.. but he DID NOT give the camera to the flight attendant. The camera was in his left hand at 0:23. At 0:26 he gives his PLANE tickets to the flight attendant NOT the camera. He gives the camera to the guy that was standing behind the flight attendant at 0:29. And you can see the guy holding it at 0:34. I don’t blame Micky. It must be annoying to get your picture taken like that all the time.
    Anonymous said...
    isnt' it the ticket that he gave to the female attendant? i think he didn't give it back. :\
    neonballroom said...
    i think he had done nothing wrong..
    although he is the member of the Asia star,he is still a human being...
    he needs his privacy...
    so i think we should respect them as how we respect ourselves.

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