Thursday, April 02, 2009

Gaining popularity with 3rd album Sorry Sorry's 13 member idol group ‘Super Junior’ members - Donghae, Sungmin, Leeteuk, and Eunhyuk suddenly visited Gag concert's popular corner ‘Gag Concert - Boys Before Flower’ which garners a lot of interest.

"Boys Before Flower" Popular corner is a parody based on the actual drama with Park Hwisoon - No OoJin - Han MinGwan - Heo Kyunghwan being F4 and Park JiSun being Geum Jandi. This fantasy romance is transformed into a comical one.

During the recording, Super Junior members are challenging Gag Concert's F4 to win Park JiSun's heart. Not only that, Eunhyuk did 'bone dance' together with Han Mingwan that caused uproar laughter.

Also, Shindong, Donghae, Sungmin, Kyuhyun, Yesung, Ryeowook and Heechul Wang Biho was teased by Wang Biho in 'Gag Concert - Balsam Village School'.

It will be broadcasted on the April 5th, 2009.

Source : Osen
Translations : Octopus Yesung @


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