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JJ: Oh his sweat...The sweat and his quivering earring.. Ah...
JJ: At this part, I cried.
S: That's good...
JJ: (Sigh)
YH: Looks like he's going to cry.
JS: At this part I always feel like crying.
YH: I also cried too.
S/CM: It's good.
JJ: Oh, Junsu sings very well.
CM: *copies JJ* Sings well.
YC: No. 1 in Asia
JS: I ate something yummy. (A oyaji gag)
JJ: You already ate something yummy just now.

YC: Encore?
JS: Not yet.
JJ: (talking along with the screen) Toho. Shinki.
YH: Everyone was hyped up. The next is my favourite part - the shine medley.
YC: Ah. Shine.
YH: *imitates drums*
CM: Hikari!(light)
JJ: The tone for that part is really high, so I always used to scream it out.
S: the whole stadium was energetic right away.
JJ: At this point when we got to move around freely I really played a lot. ^^
S: The dance.. even though you're running, the feeling is amazing.
JJ: We were playing here. YH was punching.
S: YH is amazing.. he doesn't get breathless/tired.
CM: Oh the feeling is great.
JS: *suddenly breaks into song*
CM: what are you singing suddenly.
S: The atmosphere is hyped up
S: Doing that won't you be tired?
JJ: just a bit.
S: The conveyer belt is great.
JJ: Yes.
S: All 5 of you can gather so quickly.
YH: When we moved together with the audience it was really good.
YH: dance time.
S: Dance time. That's intense isn't it!

JJ: Yeah...
YH: It came out next, somebody to love.
S: It sounds great.
JS: This song gets the audience hyped up the most.
YH: When I hear this song I really feel like jumping.
JS:Everybody say
S: This is the most hyped up part.
JJ: When Yunho yells 'everybody say'
S: The entire audience is jumping. I was jumping too.
YH: This song is one that makes us lose weight.
CM: When we sing this song, it's so tiring.
YC: really tiring.
CM: Right after we jump we have to start singing at a low tone.
JJ: I totally understand.
S: CM's part is the most tiring, right fter jumping he has to sing.
JJ: JS. Cos we can see walk over near to the audience seats
S: That's good isn't it?
YH: Oh I want to do it again.
JJ: Sam said to just do whatever we wanted freely. Just go just go. Everyone went to differernt places and sang.
S: The ambiance just went up intantly.
JJ: Oh seriously!
JS: Watching this I'm really touched, at that time, we were singing
YC: Doing this (waving hands) really made it feel like our arms grew longer.
CM: Because we kept waving them so hard.
JJ: Oh, my hand's going to fall off!
YC: The right hand.
S: If anything happens, the 5 of us will be by your side, that's the meaning of the song right?
YC: wind. (giggles)
YH: sings along.
THSK: gets excited and shouts along with YC's Saitama!)
JJ: Because everyone was tired he should have said Minna okay? xD
CM: That doesn't sound right
JS: I'm a giraffe.
CM: What are you saying now?
YH: Why are you saying that so suddenly?
CM: Don't talk anymore.

YH: Ohh. Ohh! Behind the drummer is waving his hands too!
S: Everyone is just naturally moving to the music.
YH: and now?
JJ: towel.

YH: playing!
S: and jumping!
THSK: it's so tiring.
YC: Your hand really hurts after that.
JS: It's exhuasting.
S: You're doing it so intensely.
YH: Because we were having so much fun
S: Amazing.
JJ: Ahhh ~ I want to do a tour!
YC: Just watching this tape, I want to do another tour too.
S: Tours are good.
S: Everyone's hyped up ne~
JJ: When you see the lighting you get excited.
S: The atmosphere is high isn't it. Really.

High Time
JS: Being on stage and watching it like this is really different.
JJ: The stuff that is raining down is.. how do I put it?
S: Silver cloth bands
jJ: Yes, and on the bands are our autographs.
YH/CM: Ah. bands.
S: Yeah I took a few home. They had everyone's autographs and messages.
So the arena was very clean after the show since everyone brought them home.

JJ: So it's like that.
S: It helped the cleaners a lot. XD
YH: This was the last song. After this is the encore.
S: Oh this is good - the jump.

YH: From the start, this song requires a lot of concentration. You really have to work at it right until the end.

S: This looks like it needs a lot of stamina! You can tell just by watching - the degree of the movements are wide.
YC: *tries to rap along but FAILS* Ah I forgot. It's too fast.
YH raps and YC just laughs.
S: The rhythmn is really fast
YH: *raps wrongly* Iru no? Ahh. Ii no, ii no. Come back. *laughs at himself&
YH: Honestly when I heard the opening music for this song, I was thinking 'ah this is the last song!'
S: Ahh, the feeling that the concert is ending soon.
YH: It's like in this song I want to show all my energy to the audience.
S: Ahh I see, you want to show all your energy to the audience.
YC: Anyway, Junsu, at this part didn't you want to go to the toilet?
JS: Hai?
CM: During the concert.
JS: ah I was really holding it in here.
JJ: No matter when, this song always seems so cool.
S: The atmosphere is really really high.
JS: *raps along dorkily*
YH: *laughs at imitates JS's browing da forg*
JS: *raps along happily anyway*
CM: *laughs*
YH: Junsu.
JS: I'm a giraffe~
Lots of laughter.
S: This dance is really intense.

Part 5

JJ: *fangirly scream*
YH: Ah [the concert] is already last year...
JJ: Once we got off stage, the staff asked you've been singing and dancing for over two hours, how could you still have enough energy to dance rising sun?
YC: It's because of everyone's support.
JJ: Honestly, usually we really can't. But because of the audience that day
S: THe powerful support of the audience...
JS: During rehearsals, we definitely can't perform like this.
YH: Wow! REd.
YC: Really can't do it.
JS: It's because we received the power (support) from everyone.
random: AI YA YAI!
S: At this part the song style changed - it's even cooler.
(in the bg CM is singing Na na na along with the video)
YH: Ah.
YC: is feebly trying to rap along but degenerates into nanananana~
JS: Ahw!
YH: We get it, Yoochun.
JS: *making chicken noises and getting excited by himself* XD
JS: Na na na, I'm a giraffe.
Everybody laughs, CM imitates JS.
JJ: laughs.
When CM screams everyone gets excited: Oh! Ah!...etc
S: Ah Changmin's
JJ: Ah I love screaming Changmin~ *fangirly*
YC: Oh the tone is high
JS: *in a scary voice* Daisuki nan da yo *copying JJ*
CM: It was really tough.
S: And here it changes back to an intense dance part again.
YH: Wow. Even the dancer's faces look tired. There's just a bit more, just a bit more.
JS is singing Rising Sun in the BG.
JJ: At this part I thought I was going to die. Really. From the bottom of my heart I thought I was gonna die.
JS: Actually I already died at Somebody to Love.
CM: Oh dead~
JS: This is just a spirit. Spirit.
YH: Yu tai ri datsu (JS's favourite phrase - out of body experience)
JJ: From this part onwards, I thought 'it's going to end, it's gonna end'
JS: Because it was ending, we tried hard.
S: I see!
JJ: The end. The end. The end. Faster, faster.
S: The feeling that you must work harder.
JS: *chanting excitedly*The end the end! It ended! (JJ is chanting it's over in the bg)
JS: That was really what I was thinking.
JJ: Really danced until we were exhausted.

s: You couldn't do it without the audience's support right?
JS: Last part, last part, last part. *chants again*
S: The feeling that you lasted until the end. It's really great.

CM: This is the encore part.

Summer Dream
JJ: THSK changes clothes super fast. It's fast.
CM: After we changed, we were back on stage.
JJ: Here it comes again.
YH: Wow~ The blue sky on the screen behind us is really beautiful.
Singing summer dream in the bg. CM comments 'It's good.'
JJ: Just now we kept saying that song is good, that song is cool. But THSK is full of good songs.
CM: You're praising yourself again.
S: But it's true. A lot of good songs.
YH: Of course this song that we're singing is really good (Summer Dream) but aside from this we have other good songs. (self promotion xD)
S: THSK really has a lot of very good songs.
JJ: Of course each song has a different genre/style and the atmosphere it creates is different. But they're definitely all great songs.
S: Yeah, even though every song is good, at a concert you can't possibly showcase them all.
JJ: Everyone dances very wel and sings very well. It's amazing.
S: Yeah.
CM: Haven't you ssaid too much.
JJ: I should be most modest. T__T
S: No, it's fine. Cos it's true.


S: praises them more.

tHSk : no, no we still have to work harder.
JS: sings along then. ahhh~ i'm so tired.
S: Ah, this dance is even longer than rising sun. you have to keep dancing and singing. it's tiring isn't it.
YH: this is a song that makes people happy to listen to it.
S: In this part everyone's expression is realy bright. Looks like you're having fun.
THSK is getting excited and singing along.
CM: When the concert starts its most impt to have a lot of stamina.
S: That's true. You need to eat properly to dance like that.
YH: in one day you can lose 1-2 kg.
S: that's harsh isn't it
JS: During concerts is like being on a diet.
YC: Ah. I'm hungry.
S: Just watching it you're hungry? Just from thinking about it?
YH : Ah the atmosphere is high. On a whole, I really like this song. (JS - oh it's interesting, it's interesting.)
JS: ah when we were singing this song in osaka, there were these 2 guys who were singing along really loudly.
JS: And they were like 'whaaaaaaa~' together
Js: and they were dancing along.
s: ehh? audience members?
JS: yes.
s: that's good.
js: i was really happy.
s: this song whether its in a karoke or at a live con, its a song that everyone can sing along to.
cm: ah he's cool.
s: amazing.
cm: cool~
YC: sunny-san is cool.
JS: What are you looking at?
YH: Sunny. (they talk about sunny for a while)
JJ: Doesn't this person sing well?
S: Very well.
JS: Sumimasen~~~~
Everyone elsse: AHHHHHHH!
JS: Please edit this out.
S: But everyone's really talented.
JJ: Changmin, I'm envious of you
CM: Why?
JJ: Your legs are long.
JS: We have to do this this year too
Ahahaha~ eh? the atmosphere became cold all of a sudden.
Everyone laughs at JS.
JJ: Compared to last year our stamina isn't so good now.
S: Now?
JS: We had to really exercise/train hard.
S: You're goin to start training now?
JS: In our current condition we can't do this.
S: Ah it's here! Junsu's dance. I really like this Junsu.
JS: I'm EMBARASSED~ (JJ: That was embarassing)
S: That's cute.
JS: laughs.
S: Junsu's pretty butt.
YH: But his butt is really pretty.
S: It's really full? and pretty.
YC: The audience who watched this performance definitely felt the same way.
CM: What are we saying? xD
JJ: Ahhaha. YC's crazy~
JS: He's excited. XD
S: Everyone's really excited.
JS: When YC is excited it's dangerous.
S: Wow you really have a lot of stamina.

Beautiful You
JJ : Ah this song!
YH: At this time beautiful you was our new song.
JJ: Junsu! Junsu!
Yh: Junsu slipped
JJ: Didn't I already say just now?
YH: What? What? What?
JJ: He said it just now.
CM: He said it just now.
(NOw I think they're just imitating JS to be annoying xD)
JS: I said at that time I was already a spirit.
CM: Ah, you weren't yourself.
JS: Yes, yes yes. From Somebody to Love I already turned into a spirit.
JJ: At this point, our bodies were already at breaking point. But in order to have enough stamina for the concert we worked really hard.
S: Ah it's like that. The tempo for this song is medium, so your dance was a bit sexy but still very intense.
YC: It really was. But once it was over I forgot everything.
S: Oh really?
YC: Once T ended I forgot everything.
S: After watching this not only do I feel in awe of everyone's focused attitude, but all the dance movements for the songs are different! you have such a good memory. Really in awe.

Part 6

JJ: That was really tiring too, remembering all the dance choreo. Ahh~
S: Ah, the lyrics appear, behind you guys on the screen. Everyone sang along didn't they?
JJ: A bit like karaoke.
S: Yes.
They all laugh at themselves.
JS: Doing that all of a sudden...
YC: Are we singing this for our next tour?
YH: That is something no one knows yet.
JS: ah this. What were we doing?
*hyena laugher*
S: Looks like you were having fun.
JJ: They were imitating the movements in the PV.
JS: Ah~ As I thought, what we did and what was shown in the video was totally different.
YC: totally different! I'm super embarassed.

Love In the Ice

YH: Ah.
JJ: This is the last song.
JS: just from hearing the title you can tell its a good song.
JJ: What's the meaning of 'love in the ice'?
JS: 'Love in the ice'. Good isn't it?
Laughter and clapping all around.
JS: That's, how do I say it? "Koi" is love isn't it? IT's cold, filled with waiting and loneliness.
After his touching speech, JS HICCUPS. XD
JJ: So what does love in the ice mean?
JS: This. Um.
YC: In your own words.
JS: This is really great.
Everyone starts laughing again at JS who is being totally irrelevant.
CM: Let's let this topic end here.
S: This topic ends now, please immerse yourself in the song.
JS: IT's very sad.
S: It is isn't it.
JS: Because it's love.
Hyena laughter from JS. xD Inappropriate boy!
YC: Everytime at this part of the song I feel really awkward.
S: But I think the feeling is pretty good.
YC: I'm always so embarassed.
JS sings along.
YC: That's enough~ I'm the only one stuck in the middle
S: It's YC stuck in the middle again. But CM gets a situation like this too,
JS: This song is really. Ah. The lyrics are good too.
YC: CM is feeling embarased.
JS: Ah it;s okay. When we sing Bolero, there's a part where I'm the only one not singing.
CM: *placatingly* Ah. I see.
JS: When the staff saw it for the fist time they thought I made a mistake!
S: Ah they thought you did it wrong
JS: I was the only one who put the mike down. Yasara-san ...
Lots of laughter. xD
YH: Why do you keep mentioning his name?
YC: Ah... Look at the screen behind us.
S: You can see everyone's individual expressions
JJ: Yoochun...
S: On the screen you can see every single member, it's a good arena
JJ: Just by looking at everyone's stare (eye-expression are the words he used) you can tell that we're really singing this song from the heart. These expressions that were recorded in the film really show that. Seeing our faces, I think the audience would be even more moved.
S: Because they can see your expressions I think the audience would be happy.
YC: Tihs concert we'll be singing Bolero.
S: ah that's right. 2009's Bolero - what kind of feelings will it bring everyone?
JS: In YC's part, YC will jump around. Won't it be nice if he, while jumping around, sings? Sam recommended it.
YH : Is that true?
JS: Yes... In my head.
S: Idea? Junsu's idea?
YH: The final goodbye part.
JS: We went through a lot of things to have Sekine san with us.
S: Oh really?
JJ: Again, again!
YH: Greetings (goodbyes).
YC: They screamed for a really long time. After I heard them I was like 'wow~'
JJ: I feel like crying
JS: After hearing them we were really touched. the tears...
Everyone: Tears?
CM: He even said an oyaji gag.
Haha will they ever stop tormenting YC? XD
JS: We were really grateful. really.
JJ: I want to do it again~
YC: Looking forward to the next tour
JJ: At that time we really did not want to say goodbye.
YC: That was the kind of feeling.
JS: Ah why? To me we've already done 17 venues. I don't know how we managed to complete all 17 venues.

S: You have great stamina to be able to do it 17 times. It's amazing.
JS: can we do it again?
S: You can, for sure. xD
CM: Last year, only the 5 of us in THSK did this commentary. but this year we have sekine-san. We're really happy. Thank you.
S: No, thank you very much
YC: Now it's a bit late (at night) .
CM: Yes it is.
JS: Yes.
YH: He's a liar.
JS: He's a liar! But it's true.
S: It was fun.
YH: For this tour too...
S: I'll go!
THSK : Please please come!
S: Looking forward to it.
YC: We should do a collaboration.
S: I'd like to try that
YC: On stage.
JS: If we do something with Sekine san I think it'll be very memorable
JJ: Ah yes, you can dance too. Or we also have a talk section. We can have like a cosplay performance during the talk
S: Ah, thats great.
CM: Cosplay...?
JS: but sekine san is very busy!
YH: Even though you're busy, if there's time, we should do a song together. :D
S: Yes, I want to do it, maybe next time.
JS: I'm happy~ We also want to thank Sam-san.
S: And for the performance my name will be tsuton. THSK's ?? member.

Sorry I'm really tired. I think you can tell that the translation for this part towards the end was done a bit half-heartedly. Sorry~ But you didn't miss much, really.

Trans: [info]candy_swirlz@DBSGLJ
Sharedby: DBSKnights


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