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YH: Then we appeared one-by-one. This was actually a KR song.
JS: we already released it in KR.
YH: But we made a JP version and the response was quite good.
JS: Taiyo-city. (Sun City)
[YC is laughing like a hyena in the background]
YH: Air. Air city.
CM: Do it properly!
S: Oh, really.
CM: What are you doing
JS: Sennen koi uta was a song for a drama as well right?
YH: Yeah
JJ: The JS in the recording and the JS in real life is so different.
YC: Totally different.

CM: When we sing this song with a live band, the feeling’s really great.
JJ: The angles that Sam choreographed/positioned us in are really great. The whole effect is incredible.
S: Sam made an appearance?
YC: Right at the end…
CM: Why is your voice becoming weaker?
JS: Oh, the sun is setting.
S: Oh, to give a well-rounded feeling.. there’s both the sun rise and sun set. That’s nice.
JS/YH: Oh and the moon is rising
S: Oh at this time all 5 of you are gathering.
YH: Oh JJ! You look like a model.

S: Jaejoong’s shirt is a bit open, isn’t it. His chest is really sexy. It’s opened a little widely.
JJ: Oooh. *embarrassed sound*
S: CM’s suit is cool too.
YC: We still kept that necklace.
CM: Necklace?
YC: I still have it now.

Forever Love
YH: Forever love. This song is …
S: Amazing.
YH: It’s pretty good.
CM: It’s great.
YH: When we sing this song, the ambiance is particularly good. The audience is attentively listening.
S: When Junsu sings he really is very charismatic.
JS: this year, that’s the image I’m working on.
S: *laughs* That’s what you say every year.
JS: Changmin is always being thrown away/abandoned.
CM: Abandoned? What do you mean by that XD
S: At this point… the eye contact is very
YH: When we sing this, Yoochun who’s in the middle is a bit…
YC: Since I’m standing a bit at the back right between the two of them
JJ: When we have programmes…
YC: Changmin… Ah no, when Jaejoong and Junsu sing this part, the audience is just staring straight at me.
CM: YC is being observed!
(Lots of excited random shouting I can’t make out)

YH: THis video is really interesting.
S: Oh it’s interesting!
(Laughter and excitement)
S: The audience is really pumped aren’t they for this tour?
YH: Tap dancing (stomping), this was the first time we challenged it on a tour.
YH: JS is saying no, that’s not it, look at me. Ohh. He’s cool right.
(Laughter once again)
YC: JJ got it wrong.
JJ: Shhh! (Cutely) Sorry!
S: This part is pretty good huh.
JJ: Sam’s choreography is really cool (yabai - slang for cool)
S: It’s good isnt it.

JS: Oh Clap!
JJ: The scene is like a red rush of wind. (talking about the lights on the funny contraption)
S: It’s pretty!
JJ: When we put in a red ball, it turns red When we put in a blue ball, it turns blue.

Ride On
JJ: Oh, the time I dropped my mike was during this song.
JS: Personally I really like the dance for this song.
YH: It’s a very sexy dance.
JJ: Doing this song live was very challenging, wasn’t it?
YH: The black people dances are the most tiring. (XD He literally said this. Don’t think its a racial slur, more like he didn’t know how to say it the correct diplomatic way)
JJ: Yeah, on the body.
S: a lot of the dance parts are very intense.
YC: It has a club dance kind of feel.
JS: It’s the rhythm. And the melody.
JJ: For this song I totally couldn’t remember the dance.
S: Ohhh.
CM/YH: I forgot it too…
S: Oh really?
JS: Oh it’s true! (only just realising it when he watched the concert)
JJ: Totally couldn’t remember.
JS: It’s true, you totally couldn’t remember. But there were just too many things to memorise.

Asu wa kuru Kara
JJ: In this song, JS is really very handsome, isn’t he?
JS: Yes he is, towards the end right?
JJ: The emotion is palpable.
YH: Oh this is the song that Sekine-san especially likes right?
S: Yes it is.
JS: Oooh. really?
S: Yeah.
JS: These lyrics give people hope.
S: Yeah, they’re written well. And the melody is good too.
YH: Sekine-san sang this during a Karaoke session too.
S: Yes, I sang it.
JS: In this quiet atmosphere, singing this song.
S: The feeling of the 5 of you gathered and looking at each other is good right?
JS: As we are together…(Singing)
Y: Somehow, after listening to Asu wa Kuru Kara, JS gives the audience the deepest impression.
S: Harukana, that part right?
JS giggles embarassedly.
JS: At that point our Japanese was not very good…
S: When you were recording?
JS :Yes
JS: So when we sang it, although we knew-
S: You didn’t know the lyrics right?
JS: We did, but even though we knew the meaning, we still (YH cuts in) couldn’t get the feeling, the emotions expressed properly. (JS kind of rambles on after that but doesn’t make much sense. XD Just saying stuff like ‘after singing… somehow…)
JS: But now we get the deeper meanings
S: BEcause you’ve gotten better at JP you can express the feelings better right ?
JS: (rambles uncertainly - we could do a good live.) I really like the part “tomorrow will definitely come”.
YH: Sekine-san, it’s ‘harukana’ now.
S: Junsu’s rising up isn’t he. And singing so passionately.
CM: He’s handsome.
S: When I’m at K-Ok during this part I always imitate Junsu.
JJ: In rehearsals Junsu always changes ‘haru kana’ to hanagika (nose ring)
JS: Only in rehearsals, to create a funny atmosphere. Because the workers and band are all tired.

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