Friday, April 03, 2009

Part 2

JJ: Cos we were using mic stands there was a lot of pressure.
YH: And there were a few mistakes too.
CM: Yunho's mistake.
YH: What about CM?
CM: I didn't make any.
YH: Oh so that's how it is. What are you guys laughing at? XD
JJ: Even though everyone can't see it, he's hitting CM right now.

Darkness Eyes

JS: Oh, once I hear this song, I'm in a good mood.
S: Really?
JS: The lighting and the smoke effects were really good.
YH: This time the way we performed (inside the funny structure) was very cool.
S: Everyone has to go inside? What was the concept of this design? Similar to trapped animals?
JJ: You mean when we were inside?
JS: Sam was the one who designed it.
S: Oh, Sam is incredible. This design is cool!
JJ: Even though we don't really know its concept/meaning, but it's still cool right? XD
S: It has a kind of 'peekaboo' effect
YH: It's quite fitting to the song's meaning.
S: It's full of imagination.
YH: To be honest, the lighting on this song is great.
S: A bit of a fantastical/magical feeling.

S: But the stage is a bit high isn't it?
YH: In the beginning it was really scary
JS: during rehearsals we were really nervous. But by the time we got to Ssaitama, we were mostly used to it so it was okay.
CM: Honestly, even at saitama i wasnt used to it.
YH: Ah. CM was scared!
JS: He was shaking. He doesn't get used to new things easily. We all know it. So it's okay. You worked hard. Eukyangkyang. XD Yoochun has phobia of heights so
YC: Dancing at such a high altitude, and the elevated platform kept shaking
S: It was shaking wasn't it? But everyone worked hard. The lights ar really nice.
JJ: Purple line.
YC: oh, the white lights?

Purple Line
They praise the band.

YC: ah. This dance.
JJ: It's really great with the live band. Want to do it again.
S: For the choreography, the formations keep changing right?
JS: Yeah.
S: Ah. It's changed already. Ah Yunho. Ah Junsu. It's always continually switching around. IT's amazing. REally cool.
JJ: If we get it wrong, it'll be real trouble. Because there are 4 people in the background foundation if 1 person is wrongS: It's trouble
YH: And this song is really intense.S: It's changed again.

JJ: Honestly its the first time we've seen this DVD so we don't know what to say, we're all dazed.
S: Everyone's too absorbed in watching right. when you stand on stage you can't see yourselves like this, so everyone's watching the DVD with the feeling of 'oh, so this is how it is', right?
JJ: It's like experiencing it all over again
S: THSK can sing really well. (JS laughs) Really amazing.
JS: Excuse me.
CM: we're embarassed.
S: No, your dancing is amazing too.
JJ: It suddenly became good.
S: It's cool!
JS: No, no, no.
S: In this suit and jacket, THSK also looks very cool.
THSK: Thank you.
JJ: Oh, Changmin. This is CM's image. A screaming CM
CM: Thank you.
JS: The camera angles are also great.
S: Amazing isn't it
JS: Camera-san thank you.
YC: Camera-san. Ahahahah.
JJ: The fans are like a sea of red.
YH: Oh, Day moon. Harudal.
CM : JS.
YH: CM say something!
CM: I am saying something.
JJ: When we were playing this video we were backstage-
S: changing right?
JJ: Changing as quickly as we could.
YH: In order to be able to perform once the video was over, we really worked hard.
JJ: Cos JS was the first to come out, it must have been ###### him.
JS: I was the first to come out
CM: He's a hero.
S: In this shot, JS behind the glass
YC: Is really handsome.
CM: Is he hungry?
YH: YC, at that time, did you eat the bread?
YC: Just a bit.
S: Looks tasty.
YC: It was really hard. My teeth hurt after that.
JS: Looks like its part of a movie.
YC: At that point I was supposed to eat an apple but because it was raining I didn't know what to do. So the director said so eat bread!
JJ: Why are you randomly eating bread there?
YC: It was the director!
CM: As I thought, you were hungry.
S: at this part the audience is going 'kyaaaa'. His morning look.
JS: The room is nice.
JJ: The director didn't really give me any specific instructions.
S: The whole audience is screaming now. (S talks about the audience screaming then compliments JJ's muscles/triceps. Everyone gets excited and laughs.)

JS: What were you thinking?
Ohh.. CM!
S: CM got to film with a girl right?
JS: A sad scene.
S: Being dumped was written in the script right?
YH: Cm looks like he's saying 'what's wrong?"
JS: Looks like she pushed him lightly.
YC: Isn't that a little too light?
CM: Actually I was supposed to be hit/slapped.
S: Oh really?
JJ: It's still raining.
JS: And now...CM looks so pitiful
JJ: Aww. CM.
CM: THat's.
JS: When it was showing YH, we were all ready already.
S: Oh at this part?
JS: Yes.
S: That was quite quick.
JS: Yeah. I was always watching YH's part.
S: Ohh, cos you were prepared already
(YC/CM talk about the dog breed.)
YH: It was cute.
S: and obedient. Oh, different scenes with rain.
YH: Then we appeared one-by-one. This was actually a KR song.
JS: we already released it in KR.
YH: But we made a JP version and the response was quite good.
JS: Taiyo-city. (Sun City)
YH: Air. Air city.
CM: DO it properly!
S: Oh, really.
CM:What are you doing
JS: Sennen koi uta was a song for a drama as well right?
YH: Yeah
JJ: The JS in the recording and the JS in real life is so different.
YC: Totally different.

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