Friday, April 03, 2009

super junior shocking(?) first impression revealed for the first time.

super junior was recently on kbs 2tv's star golden bell, & honestly revealed their first impressions. kyuhyun revealed, "the first time i saw eunhyuk, because of his hairstyle, i thought he was an Indian chief!" following that, shindong said that when he first met eunhyuk he thought, "we're gonna be fellow members?" cos country bumpkin eunhyuk confessed that for a month, he wore the same clothes.

also, super junior revealed mistakes that eunhyuk & shindong made during their radio broadcasts. during broadcast, when introducing the group 'anthem', eunhyuk instead said 'andem'. & during his radio program with kim shinyoung, introduced dongbangshinki's 'wrong number' as 'derision number', eliciting laughter from everyone.

this episode will be broadcast on the 4th.

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