Friday, April 03, 2009

For More ikemenjae
Part 1
-Sekine-san being fanboyish and saying kakkoii at everything
-Yunho getting excited as he points out his hand on screen. And Sekine-san still thinks its cool.
-JS says watching it was nerve wracking because they were watching it from backstage (he stutters here) and getting ready to perform
-CM/YC can’t resist and laugh at/mimic his ‘back…stage’ where he stutters
-Next is CM. JJ says he looked really handsome in the pic (heavy emphasis on the past tense)
-JS/YC chime in emphasizing that he was good looking AT THAT TIME.
-CM retorts and says not to say things like ‘at that time’.
JS : Now Changmin is…
YC: Comparing him now and then…
JJ: It’s only been a year but he changed so much.
CM: But I’m exactly the same as I was last year.
JS: Changmin, you have to start changing.
Cue explosive laughter. And it’s only 1:39.

JJ is next.
CM: He looks cool.
YC: JJ seems to have changed.
JJ: It’s the hair.
CM: He’s totally different. Totally changed. That’s not Jaejoong!
JS: You’re trying to say he looks better now?
CM: He hasn’t seemed to improve now either.
YH: Ohh. sexy.
Sekine: The wind was blowing just right.

JJ: It’s time? What time?
They get excitable when JS pops up.
CM: Profile(side view)!
YC: The editors can just cut this part out. They forgot.
YH: Just to mention, this shot here was filmed the same night JS slipped.
JS: If no one knows about it you don’t have to mention it. ^^

YC: What were you saying then?
YH: Junsu. Charisma.
JS: I wasn’t saying anything, I just posed/acted.

Sekine - Oh, Yunho.
JS: Tohoshinki’s boss.
S: Boss right? Leader.
JJ: Oh, beard!
YH: Actually peeling it off was really painful
JS: Oh this is actually the first time we’re seeing this. Cos when they play this part we’re usually on stage, the 2nd level. We haven’t seen this part.

JJ: That’s a cool car.
YH: The interior of the car was actually much smaller than expected.
CM: It was uncomfortable.
JS: This was the last scene to be filmed

3:33 excitement ensures

They talk about TRICK. Each member appears one-by-one, so while the first member comes out, the other 4 are just computer effects and so on. YH comments on how cool it is.

YC: The other 4 members are watching it like they’re seeing some other idol.
YH: They have such naive/innocent expressions on their face.
JS: Oh! It’s Yunho-san! XD *acting as a fanboy*

JS comse out.

Oh! He’s handsome etc.
S: He had gold hair at that time.
JS: Ah, I just remembered.

Talk about how its different to be performing and watching it as a performance.

Random exclamations and laughter about them taking of their glasses.

YH: Even though that’s us, I can’t help but think we’re so cool!
JJ: When I took off the sunglasses, the lights were always really blinding. My eyes really hurt.
S: Everyone’s lost weight.

Choosey Lover
S: This outfit is really great. You can see everyone’s muscles, how developed your chest is, since its so fitting.
YH: This outfit was really hot.
S: Oh really?

JS (randomly): Oh, at that time I was really blonde.
S: Yes, you were.
JS: I didn’t realise my hair color was so eye catching.
S: Yoochun dyed his hair blonde too right? At the ends?
YH: At that time my hair was really long.

JS: At that time Yoochun dyed his hair gold too right? Actually, after I dyed my hair, there was a bit left, so I gave it to him. (laughs by himself cos everyone ignores him)
YH: The first MC part.
YC: ahh.. Junsu… XD
YH: This is the first time we had a live band for the whole concert.
JJ: It was really fun.
CM: *imitates YH* Minna genki?
JJ: Your hair is really long!
S: Yeah it is.
YC: *mocks CM* At the end, there’s a bit of me too saying ‘minna ok?”
JJ: I was really excited at the con.
JS: It’s coming, it’s coming. (YC’s part)
JJ: ‘minna ok’ is coming.
YC: Ahhh. I’m so embarassed.
lots of laughter.
CM: Lets do it this year too.
JS: IF we do minna okay this year, it’ll definitely be popular.

S: Black suits are cool, aren’t they?
YH: It gives THSK a mature feeling.
JJ: Ya.. CM is handsome.
Everyone fanboys CM.
CM: Looks like I still have to wear some makeup.. (to look good)
JS: He looks like a model!
CM: Not really.
YC: *fanboys JS*

YH: What’s up at this part?
JS: Wasn’t this song recently chosen to be put on the charts? 1, 2.
S: Oh, right, right.

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