Thursday, April 02, 2009

Fan : Suju cheonsanim deul, which present do you want to receive for getting the No.1 on Mbank and Inki ? ^^
Donghae : Uhm.....No.1 on this week, too ? ㅋㅋㅋ

Fan : ㅡㅡ Why does Cho Kyu have to be so handsome like that
Donghae : (He) cant be more handsome than Lee Donghae
Fan : Oppa, are you jealous ?
Donghae : Totally no ~

Fan : Can you say "I love you", please....
Donghae : I love you

Fan : Ryeowook oppa, I am learning Taekwondo ! Do you want to learn with me ?
Donghae : It seems that our Ryeowook should learn (taekwondo) a bit ~^^
Fan : Kya~~ Will Donghae oppa learn Taekwondo with me ? Tae ! Kwon ! Do ! Yap !
Donghae : Yap yap yap
(*yap is the front kick in Taekwondo)

source : Onsaemiro fancafe
translated by
may take out with full credits but dont add in your own credits


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