Wednesday, April 08, 2009

To commemorate the release of Korea dance and vocal group Dong Bang Shin Ki (Tohoshinki)’s single “Share The World / We Are!” (released on April 22th) an event was held at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo on April 8th.

Tohoshinki announced their debut stage at Tokyo Dome on July 4th and 5th in this event as final performances of their nationwide tour which is starting on May 4th. Previously, in the end of 2007 Tohoshinki ever appeared as guest star for Koda Kumi’s concert in Tokyo Dome, but the stage on upcoming July 4th and 5th will be their first own stage.

At the event in the ring, was performed TV animation One Piece’s new opening song “Share The World” and also 2 other songs from the single. At the end, Keno Yinoki lead everyone “1,2,3 all!” and bowed.

About the Dome concert, Jejung (23) “(Tokyo) Dome is Dong Bang Shin Ki’s dream stage. When we’re told we’d have it, I think my head was in the air. I’d like to show off more than 100%,” he said. Junsu (22) added, “Even for artists in Japan too, to be on the stage of the great Dome is still a dream comes true. Moreover us, as Koreans who finally be able to experience it.” he said it with a deep joy. (每日JP)

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  1. TVXQholic said...
    tx for information.. *bow* ^^
    they're so cute there, LOL
    TVXQholic said...
    tx for information *bow* ^^
    they're so cute there, LOL
    azimah said...
    how i wish i could go..

    i've never been to any of their concerts before, and right when i'm very, very looking forward to witnessing them live, there was a rumour (albeit a very convincing one) that they're not including Malaysia in their live tours anymore..

    WHY?? WHY???? I wish for their success all the way anyway..soar boys, soar up high...!!!! =D

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