Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April 1st, 2009 at 10 am at Seoul Administrative Court in Seocho-dong (chief judge by Kim Hong-do) was held the case-court of SM Entertainment againts South Korea Youth Protection Committee regarding the banning of TVXQ’s 4th album “MIROTIC”.

The judges: Kim Hong-do, Park Jae Young, and Yi Yong-woo finally win SM Entertainment with the statement, “The ban over MIROTIC on last November 27th will be canceled, and trial of the defendant shall bear the cost.”

For a flash back, November 27th last year, TVXQ’s MIROTIC was judged by South Korea Youth Protection Committe for having harmful lyrics. Some lyrics in MIROTIC song such as “Red Ocean” was interpreted as woman’s hymen, “Crystal” as sperm, and “Under My Skin” as having sex.

Ever since the judgement stated, MIROTIC album which has been already surpassed 500,000 copies sales so far, could not be sold freely as there was a yellow tape on it with “SOLD TO OVER 18″ printed and the under 18 Cassiopeia would never grab the album without their parents with them. As for the performance, MIROTIC song can only be performed after 10 pm in all TV stations.

However, SM Entertainment did not just give up to such situation. SM spoke person insisted that even before the song was released, they already gave South Korea Youth Protection Committee the print out lyrics together with the lyricist’s interpretation to it (which more pointing to “a desire of love” then just simply “lust”) and The Committe itself had approved. So why did they bring up the case then?

Due to that reason, SM Entertainment made their way to hold the case to court on December 15th, 2008. For this, SM Entertainment is recorded as the first artists management company who ever fights back to government’s judgement.

Seems that SM Entertainment did the right thing though, by the court’s judgement, they’re going to turn the table now.

The court wins SM by noticing that standards used by Committee are ambiguous, also for being too late in applying the ban. MIROTIC album was already sold hundreds of copies when the ban applied.

Experts commented to this case, “The youngsters in 2009 and youngsters in 1979 can’t be compared. They’re definitely different. That’s why to accommodate the width and the range was too wide. I can’t agree by the saying that there’s sexual implications in ‘MIROTIC’.”

The producer, Park Si-Hyeokssi also said, “If there’s any part of the lyrics which is said as having problems, then it should present clear criterias. The standards of the Comittee members can not be agreed on common sense level, then the lyrics should be appropriate,” he added “The unavailability of creative element in the review is disturbing”.

source: Korean news
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