Thursday, April 09, 2009

What really happened was that the fan keep taking pictures and disturbing them so Yoochun grab her hand to push her camera down. He told her to stop and he will return the camera to her later so she let go and let him have it. Yoochun did not snatch it. The airport man in red snatch it from Yoochun when he is trying to pass it to a DBSK staff behind them (probably to help him delete the pictures). Yoochun have no idea why the airport staff suddenly took it from him so he snatch it back saying he have to give it back to the girl later. At this point we saw Junsu's face also showed that he was surprised why that man took the camera from Yoochun.

In the end after a short but loud explanation (those of us near that area can hear since he have to speak louder over the noise) to the male airport staff, Yoochun walk into the checked in area and pass the camera to another DBSK staff who have already checked in (again.. probably to delete the pictures. Fans will know this is what they do,)

Some of us fans have seen that girl many times. Unlike most of us, she kept taking pictures of them in their face and invades their personal space. It's very rude and most of us fans will not do it. Normally fans will just wait outside music program venue to see them or wait at airport to send them off. Most of the time you can hear us telling them to have a safe journey and things like that. We usually keep our distant so as to not disturb them unless we need to pass them gifts! DBSK members actually are quite nice to their fan. They don't mind our presences or us taking picture as long as we don't block them, don't grab them or take pictures in their face. DBSK will at most just walk away quickly when they are not in the mood.

As far as the group of us fans who see them often, DBSK members have never hurt any fans before or snatch their things even when some fans are being really rude. They mostly just push camera away, walk away quickly or ask their staffs for help. Most of the time people start rumours about them being rude or hurting fans based on videos or pictures. They are not there and do not know what actually happened. Videos and pictures can be deceiving.

Me and my friends clearly saw the girl letting go of her camera after Yoochun talk to her. I'm actually not much a DBSK fan but my 2 flatmates are, so I often get dragged along on their "DBSK Adventure" after our class. But fan or not, I don't think it is fair the boys often get blamed for something they did not do so I just want people to not jump to conclusion just base on videos or pictures.

Sorry for my lengthy message.

-YE Kim
credit deevinne@YT

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  1. Zukki said...
    Thank you, finally someone noticing the obvious. :3
    I actually don't understand why they make a big thing about it, they only have to watch the video carefully.
    Some people even said he stole the camera, stupid. >_<
    In my opinion he didn't do anything wrong, this fangirl has gone too far, the boys are humans, too, they shouldn't be treated like insensible objects.

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