Thursday, April 02, 2009

Very soon, you will be able to see DBSK's Mirotic being played on tv,
radio in the original version and
no more “19-only” stickers affixed on their Mirotic album.
In a ruling just passed this morning,
the Seoul Court has ordered the Commission of Youth Protection to lift the ban
that they had imposed on DBSK's 4th album Mirotic last November
after ruling that it was harmful and detrimental to youths
because of the "objectionable" lyrics.
This was followed by restricting Mirotic from being played on tv and radio
and only allowing those above 19 to buy the album from stores.
But the ruling seemed to be rather retarded
since most of the fans have already gotten the album before the ruling was passed.
In order to minimize the impact to DBSK's promotion for Mirotic,
SM Entertainment made changes to the lyrics
and the Mirotic clean version was used during performances:
I got you became I chose you
under my skin became under my sky

But SM Entertainment didn't admit defeat and filed an appeal on 15th December,
hoping to get the ban lifted and it has taken almost 4 months for the ban to be lifted.
Kind of late considering it's already April 2009 now
and DBSK has since moved on with their career in Japan.

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