Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Kangin has recently announced that he's leaving the radio show he hosts along with Sonyuhshidae's TaeYeon, .

Recently involved in Super Junior's activities, plus MBC's , and also the drama , because of schedule troubles Kangin has decided to leave the radio show. He expressed that because of the new album activities within Korea & also Asia, it has led to this decision.

Taking over from Epik High's Tablo in 2007 as MC, Kangin's wits & eloquence gained him a lot of love from listeners, & the dream team with TaeYeon garnered a lot of popularity.

On the other hand, Kangin's co-host TaeYeon will continue to stay on the program. Whether in the future it will be TaeYeon alone hosting the radio show, or if a new MC will be invited, this has aroused the attention of everyone.

Kangin's last day on Chinchin will be the 12th. Kangin has also expressed that he's upset that he has to leave, as the radio show has brought him lots of joy, & that he'll continue to work hard so as to not disappoint the listeners.

credit: carolyn & fragment @ sj-world.net
translated by : carolyn & fragment @ sj-world.net


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