Sunday, April 19, 2009

Here's something to refresh your mind and for those who are curios and doubt about it.. I know its kinda old but hey no harm right refresh back old memories..

well, few years back in a talk show, Siwon says that he never had a girlfriend before.. Well, humans are still humans.. This picture was taken during the time where they were still a trainee.. That girl, her name is Stella..Stella was a SM trainee too that time.. But i think she coulnt make it to debut or she is still a trainee..

Still denying the truth eh Donghae?? Hehehe.. Wow.. They kiss passionately... I envy Jessica...

Out of all girls in the world, why Jessica?? My Goodness.. I rather she picked Yoona or Yuri..

well, im not being bias or what by posting something like this.. I just carried it out of curiosity.. No bashing if you guys offended.. Because I like Siwonnie and Donghae too...



  1. venus said...
    About the picture of 'Donghae' and the girls, it's actually been said that it's not actually him and Jessica but just some people pretending, and I'm sure it was proved but I can't remember where.
    happilyinsane13 said...
    *tilts head in confusion* I remember that video, and people kept telling me different things. One person said it was real, another one said tat it was two posers pretending to be them to create a scandal.

    Either way, what can you do? It's there love life, they might as well do what they want with it.

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