Thursday, April 02, 2009

sorry for the long wait with the fan account.. i was exhausted T____T read to the end and you’ll know why.. hahaha…

I’ll start with the waiting time :)

I went the other day when DBSK came as well.. and when I went yesterday for SJ.. there were more than double of fans!! eh.. from the pics i’d say three or four times even.. this really prove there are more ELFs than Cassies here ^^ actually most Cassies are also ELFs.. so they’re like.. subset of ELFs? hahaha… The long line of waiting to order and pay for SJ collections were much much much much longer than the day before.. so i didn’t go line up and buy the stuff.. **for those who order late i’ll try to get them later if they hadn’t run out**

It was raining hard and the big tent that was set up for the stage outside crashed down.. luckily no one got hurt.. fans who went there and waiting to be in front of the stage since early morning all had to go in.. (lost their front spots.. haha)

SJ was scheduled to come around 6pm but the flight was delayed..probably because of the storm? cos the tent came down around the time of their flight arrival.. a girl whose sister/brother i don’t know work inside and went to pick them up… told me that Heechul was wearing everything red from top to bottom (now i see from the photo.. hilarious.. he looks like that Moeyan character with SJ-T.. keke) and Kyu forgot something on the plane so someone had to go back and get it..

and so we waited and waited.. at around 7pm they arrived.. since i was in the fence on the side of the stage i got to see some of them.. keke.. KIBUM walked out from the van first.. he was GORGEOUS.. like a prince charming.. lol.. seriously.. from the photo his hair wasn’t that nice (i think) but in reality it looks much better and not as chubby as in pics^^ everyone screamed their lungs out and don’t care what MC was saying.. 4-5 of them came out after.. it was quick and i remember seeing SIWON (waving at us) and HEECHUL (wearing his shades at night -*-) and i think EUNHYUK and TEUK.. the other van i didn’t see…

a few minutes later MC announced the opening of the new Yamaha limited edition.. SUPER FINO.. everyone started moving towards the stage..some screams came out.. TAAA DAAAAA!! it’s the management team who came out… lol.. some disappointing BOOOOs followed.. it was so funny when everyone thought it was gonna be SJ.. anyway.. soon after they really did.. Leeteuk showed up first and all of them followed.. they took pictures with SUPER FINO.. HEECHUL just wouldn’t leave KIBUM far away from him.. so cute ^^.. KANGIN was also making ’sshhh’ action telling the fans to shut up… i mean.. lower their screamss… and then they started to sit for interview..

During interview… hmm.. i can’t remember in detail and in order so i’ll make some points here..

They asked about FINO.. what they think about this motorbike.. Leeteuk was acting like REAL professional presenter! haha.. he got the mic.. walked to SUPER FINO and started presenting it.. he just said stuff like in CFs.. but when it was about fitness.. Shindong came out to show.. haha.. he started pushing up on it.. and then siwon and eunhyuk and who else i couldn’t see clearly came out to help when he started sitting up on it.. no wonder these people just love to have them as presenters^^

then they asked about 3jib preparation.. Teuki answered again.. they prepared for some months and have just won (sorry if i’m inaccurate with the answers.. i can’t remember much details) and then he wanted to show the new sorry dance.. so SHINDONG, DONGHAE, EUNHYUK came out and SORRY SORRY music come up.. i’m quite sure the boys are surprised.. cos all Thai ELFs could sing along loudly!! hehe.. they must be happy that it’s not only in korea.. ELFs worldwide do know the song already!
next question was about concert!! Teuki said they’re not sure when or even if it’s in this year but definitely coming ^^ [my news source told me it's been contracted..same organizer as the Super Show concert, not SM town^^]
i can’t remember what they were talking about but then fans starting shouting KIBUM! KIBUM! KIBUM! and so he started speaking.. i couldn’t hear the translator but i remember him standing up saying Thank you for your love and Saranghaeyo.. something like that.. it was longer than this.. he was all smiling & happy since there were so much screams for him.. and after he spoke he just sat down smiling.. and then pop up his arms in Heart-shaped saranghaeyooo!!!!! SCREAMSSSS again.. now this part is super funny.. YESUNG who was sitting in front of him couldn’t stand the screams… He stood up still.. in order to block KIBUM.. hahahaha

MC was trying to tell the fans to move back.. because people who stood in front of stage were squashed to the fence.. some fans were carried out becos they fainted.. but it wasn’t a success.. so MC asked Teuki to tell the fans himself.. now this is funny… he wouldn’t say in Korean cos he knows fans wouldn’t understand.. so he said.. “BACK.. BACK…OK? Back.. back..” a few times.. with hand actions to move back.. it was in a funny way so ppl started laughing^^
Now my favorite part is when MC asked each of them to say Thai words or sentences.. There will be fancam coming up for this part so i’ll translate that later..
TEUK and KYU spoke Fino slogans
KANGIN i can’t remember.. sorry -____-”
HYUKKIE (i love it!!) “kon thai jai dee jung” (Thai people are so kind) and he stopped.. ppl screamed.. and then he continued “chan jai dee” (I’m also kind).. that caused an even louder scream!!
SUNGMIN: “na ruk jung” meaning “(you’re) so cute/pretty”
SHINDONG (another one of my favorite!) he shouted “CHAI YO!” that means Hooray or Yayy!! that’s not it.. after fanscreams he continued “pood prom kan… neung song sam! CHAI YO!” that was the wholeeeee sentence!! his accent was so accurate and has feelings in it as well!! hehe.. it means “let’s say together..1, 2, 3.. HOORAY!!” and of course fans shouted CHAI YO with him.. not done.. he then ended it with “kob khun krub” (Thank you) and sat down…impressive!!
next up DONGHAE.. stood up and shouted “kor siang noi!!!” meaning “Can i have some noiseeeeee!!” and he put the mic to towards the fans…SCREAMSSSSSS again…
KIBUM.. also spoke Fino slogan.. but i remember exactly cos it was short and he seems like he had to memorize it hard.. haha.. “FINO khong pom pen FITNESS” (my fino is fitness) see? he has to remember 3 words.. kekeke but it was still cute^^
YESUNG.. everyone will love this.. it’s just soooo unique of his natural jealousy to shout “ruk pom tee sood chai mai!?!?!” which means “You love me the most right?” HAHAHAHA…. who wouldn’t say yes!? everyone shouted Yes!! lol…
HEENIM.. short and simple.. “Su Su!!” meaning fighting! in thai…i think he wasn’t confident with what he said.. after MC repeated what he said he kinda repeated and nodded himself.. :)
HANGENG.. “Yim noi!” meaning “Please smilleeee ^^” keke.. lots of screams again…
Next was SIWON… greasy and cheesy as he is… haha.. “Taeng ngarn kub pom….” he hasn’t finished yet i’m sure.. but SCREAMSSS came out so he stopped.. it means.. “Marry me…..” which he meant to continue “…please?” if u see in fancams u’ll see all the other members asking translator and each other what siwon said.. what could be so cheesy that makes thai fans cry out so loud.. haha…
WOOKIE calmly stood up and said “Fino sood yod” meaning FINO is SUPER!!
It rounded back to TEUKI again.. this time.. he grabbed the mic.. stood up and walked to Super Fino.. he said “err… Fino khong pom.. pood dai.. er.. pood dai..” (err.. my fino.. can speak.. er.. can speak..” and then next to fino he turned his back saying “pom sexy mai?” his favorite words!!! “Am i sexy?” hahaha.. isn’t he so adorable?!
YESUNG just couldn’t stand the screams.. he stood up again… and shouted “Ruk pom tee sood chai mai?” (you love me the most right?” SCREAMSSSSSSSS and laughsss and then he said “Kob khun krub” (thank you) and sat down..
oh.. and i think sometime after that KYU spoke in thai again… he’s in yamaha but was being a good presenter for 12+.. LOL.. he said “HuaJai khong pom, chuay rub wai duay na krub” (my heart.. please accept it) this is what he said in CF…

I’ll wait for the full fancam and post again so you’ll see what kangin spoke^^

At the end of interview.. they let all super junior members sign anything on SUPER FINO.. they were all looking for corners to sign.. i can’t remember what MC said they wrote.. it wasn’t just signature.. they wrote english words ^^

wonder where this SUPER FINO will be kept ^^ by the way, if u haven’t seen closer pics.. it’s the Fino with SJ characters on them :)

So it’s time for them to go down and rest before meet&greet.. Everyone waved bye bye.. and started walking down… now do u know why Thais just love Yesung so much? he kept standing there straight and waved ALONE.. haha.. until someone comes and took him away.. There are many Yesung fans out here cos he looks VERY HANDSOME in person.. i guarantee..

Now my turn!! meet&greet!! u remember how we can’t really pick out who we’ll get to meet right? so what we do is group together those who love different members.. and tried to sit together.. so when staff came to take us out we’ll be in the same 13 fans set.. haha.. i paired up with this girl who loves Kibummie cos i know he’ll definitely sit next to Heechul.. and as the fans started walking out in line.. we counted the numbers.. 1,2,3,..13.. and again and again.. oh well, i lost count so i wasn’t sure which position i would get.. i looked up to the stage and couldn’t see Heechul or Kibum so i was sure they must be somewhere at the end.. so i wanted make sure we were at 12 or 13.. well guess what.. when staff counted me.. i was at 13!!! haha.. and so i switched with kibum girl cos i thought Heechul was at 12…

when we arrived the stairs to the stage.. it turns out Heechul was at 13!! haha.. so i was gonna switch back.. staff wouldn’t let me.. but i was stubborn! come on.. we didn’t go up stage yet!!! i switched back.. ahh..destined destined.. i was destined at 13 from the beginning… LOL!!

it was really quick.. staff and guards were rushing us.. as if the place was on fire or something?!?! T____T there were altogether 130 fans to sign for.. 10 rounds.. it shouldn’t take too much time so why hurry? Anyway, I went up and stood 1 foot from Hee *melt* he smiled.. and i prepared small cards with messages for them.. so i handed it to him on the table.. he looked at the cards and looked up at me.. wondering what it was.. and since i put his card on the top he could prolly see his name on it…so he smiled again and took my fino photo and calmly signed it.. he did it pretty neatly.. i spoke korean sentence like “Plese accept it” but i don’t think he heard me though.. i was toooo excited my mind couldn’t think clearly.. when he was signing i just kept staring at his hands.. he wore HEE ring on his left hand..(i want that ring so much).. and when he finished he handed me the photo back.. and i just smiled.. I DIDN’T SHAKE HIS HANDS!!! same as others who were in the same set.. we were like.. the 3rd or 4th set.. nobody did it so no one follows.. but after my set everyone just SHOOK HANDS WITH ALL MEMBERS AS THEY WALKED!!!! goshhhh.. i wanted to cry.. lol.. Anyway, i turned left and walked down.. so i had to pass the REST of members right? Kibum was next to Chul but i didn’t really look at him.. i saw Siwon smiling at me.. Kangin also.. but the MOST CAPTURING one was HYUK!! oh god it was the long eyecontact ever! hahah.. i just kept staring at him back also.. he kept smiling and staring back.. kakakakaka i can’t think at that time.. since we were on stage there were so many ppl screaming from down below i was afraid they’re gonna kill me i hid my face with the paper and started waving my hands and V sign to the boys.. especially Hyukkie.. hahaha.. oh gosh he was so cute.. his stare just melt me.. it’s gonna be stamped on my heart forever.. CHEESYYYY!! haha..

I talked to others who got signature.. Siwon and Kibum could speak english so they’re the ones asking for fan’s names and write down.. Hee didn’t ask me anything T____T and sadly i smudged his signature when i walked down.. *cries*.. he wrote “HEE” the chinese character and then in Korean “Heenim” *star *star ^^ arghhh… my treasure!! *consider my fingers there as tag* lol…

One girl spoke in Korean and asked a member if she could hug him.. translator at the back came in right away and said NO… poor her T___T

KANGIN was putting up his hand waiting to high five everyone who walked by…gosh.. why didn’t i see that? may be i was staring at Hyuk only.. hahah

look at the pic below.. i’m not being rude to put the middle finger there.. but it’s the finger that smudged the ink.. i had to take pics of it as evidence.. LOL!

After that they walked out.. threw the pens and SJ rubber keychains and pins to the fans.. Leeteuk, Siwon, Yesung walked to our side of stage and throw to us and waving bye bye.. Teuk was being so humble.. he bowed down so many times to each section of the fans… they stayed waving and smiling and throwing until staff had to come down at take them away.. i think that’s the time other SJ members play around on stage which i couldn’t see…

Here’s the worst part… during the time there.. one fangirl jumped and screamed just like others.. but she was so tall and wore high heels… he jumped right on my foot!! as i was screaming for them.. i screamed even louder in pain!!!! hahahaha… i felt it wet somehow but it was dark.. hurt so bad.. but SJ was still there i just had to focus on them first.. After that they left on the other side of stage.. to the car and to the airport..

Later i found my nail came out half way and bleeding all over.. i had to go to hospital afterwards.. doctor took the whole nail out, had 2 x-rays to check if it broke.. and now i can’t walk cos it hurts badly.. i had to take 2 needles to prevent infection as well.. it wasn’t until midnight that i got home T____T I’ll have to go to hospital everyday to clean the wound.. Was this worth it? *criesss*

i didn’t go send them at the airport cos news source said DBSK got in VIP route so no fans can see them.. it was sure to be the same for SJ.. i didn’t go…

Now.. some additional account^^ what i wrote to them! i thought hard with my friends.. i wanted it to stand out.. so i kinda based my message on their recent cyworld entries.. i forgot to take pics of the cards i made..
1) “Heechul sshi.. it’s okay to be lonely (and i copied his korean word that says ‘jeong kad kun”) I’ve gone crazy (-*-)” and at the back i wrote “try open up your heard and you’ll find many who are more than willing to be your friends”
2) “Leeteuk sshi.. it’s okay to cry.. we love you for who you are.. so you don’t have to be stronger for anyone” and at the back “you’re a great leader…!#^#*&$” i can’t remember what else i wrote..
3) “Eunhyuk sshi.. you’re getting too skinny.. please eat a lot of (in korean) FRIED CHICKEN” lol, that’s the chicken Teuk and Kyu were claiming it’s theirs^^ and at the back i wrote “You’re a very sweet person.. please stay the way you are and May God Bless You”
4) “Donghae sshi.. Please feed eunhyuk a lot!” on the bottom i wrote in korean “Eun<3Hae” hahaha..and at the back i wrote something like “Please take good care of yourself and stay healthy” i can’t remember exact words..
5) “Sungmin sshi & Kyuhyun sshi.. Eat a lot, sleep a lot, Stay happy!” this message isn’t from me^^ just from KYUMIN fanclub in thailand.. at the back i wrote their club’s address

Whaaa.. this is all so fun ‘n all.. except the nail part.. i won’t be able to get additional yamaha stuff for a while unless i can ask someone to buy for me.. and the shipping of stuff out will be a little delayed.. cos i can’t walk… for those who paid i’ll try to ship them all by this weekend.. and the rest by next week cos i’m goin to vacation on Apr 10-15^^

One LAST UPDATE from my friend… please read this to the end… seriously…my heart was jumping like hell.. haha.. NEXT 12+ presenters will be HYUK and KANGIN who will come with SIWON mid-year or in May… this time the girl i know would take me in the close studio!!! SCREAMSS… please continue reading…..

well, it’s april’s fool… i wanna kill her! LOL!!!!

BUT rumor says it’s definitely EUNHYUK^^ (contradicting words of rumor and definite..haha) the other one was thought to be Leeteuk but now not sure.. could be just WONHYUK :)



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