Wednesday, April 01, 2009

vigoriously doing activities, super junior has thrown away their former image to become mature & trained, & come back with their 3jib. out of the 13 members, the lesser known four of the vocal-line, ryeowook, kyuhyun, sungmin & yesung's major image change has attracted the attention of everyone.

▶ ryeowook - hiding in the sharp charm strength
having a handsome appearance & clear, bright voice, main vocal ryeowook possesses songwriting abilities. in this album, his both charisma & male beauty is showcased.
ryeowook's distinctive property is his overall streak. with obvious double eyelids, slender nose bridge, small lips etc forming the face of a pretty eastern. especially with those smooth cheeks & clear eyes, he has garnered motherly love.
the director of best plastic surgery clinic in apgujung, go hanung, said "obvious eyelids that change with expression can give people a cute & intimate feeling, & can sometimes give people a resolute & honest feeling. with ryeowook's face, his bony cheeks & nose bridge, & his eyes are a bit feminine, but he still gives people the sharp feeling."

▶ kyuhyun - middle low voice, gentle & precious boy
joining super junior after they debuted, in this album member kyuhyun has used his charming middle low voice to reveal a very stable voice.
standing at more than 180cm, but with a small face, this makes him especially suit this stable image. director go hanung said, "being tall, having eyes, ears, mouth & nose that's comfortable for people to look at, & clear expression is something that girls like. suave & strong jawlines have a male charm, & also, the round, aegyo eyes also give people a cute feeling. when smiling, the lifted corners of the mouth has the charm of making people feel happy from within the heart".

▶ sungmin - praiseworthy face, born an aegyo monster, charisma expression explosion
super junior's aegyo monster originated from SM's youth best selection best outward appearance in 2001, sungmin's cute image has garnered a huge number of fans. this album required charisma to interpret the song's meaning, thus it allowed us to see his manly side, which was refreshing.
having a chubby face with pale skin, luscious lips, & round eyes, sungmin has the natural doll face. director go had this to say about sungmin's outward appearance. "longish jaw & forehead, nose, chin, this kinda face line is very pleasing to the eye, it's a very well-proportioned face. strong expression, distinct philtrum & lips form a masculine handsomeness.

▶ yesung - husky, low voice, gentle, boyish beauty
having a husky, low voice & hidden double eyelids, slender eyes etc possessing all charm, in this album yesung's masculine charm has thoroughly been expressed. especially that expression that's full of confidence shows extraordinary charisma.
director go said, "slender eyes is a charming point, though sometimes it might give people the feeling of being a little swollen. in reality, the obvious jawline gives the entire face a very sincere feeling. he has a charm that is both gentle & strong.

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