Wednesday, April 01, 2009

While the DBSK boys were in Bangkok for YAMAHA, the girls over at Sharing Yoochun made a huge effort and pulled off The DBSK Stalking Mission. (sounds serious, huh? hehe...)

The fan account is pretty long so I'll just summarize and quote a bit. You can read the full account here:
Part 1 Part 2

March 29, 2009 - About 90 to 100 fans gathered in Dusit Thani hotel lobby (Last time, for the SMT concert their were only 30 or so). DBSK arrived at 2:00am.

Out of the blue Yunho did stop near in front of me (and other ppl near where I
stood) and did take a look at all the banner then SMILED *orgasm* I am so sorry
hubby…. I was trying to focus on you but typical Yoochun gotta keep staring on
the floor lol *gets slapped by Chunnie*

I spotted Changmin’s handsome aura. Though he didn’t really look at the fans but oh my goodness, his handsomeness did attack me!
For Jaejoong… I was kinda impressed with the way he walked. If you asked me “which DBSK members that you think he can walk manly and gracefully
at the same time” I’d say “JAEJOONG” ^^
Then Jaejoong was kinda leading everyone to the same elevator that they used to use. So the security guards gotta direct them to another lift


Wait a sec….did I forget about Junsu??? lol yeah Junsu walked with his manager. Then the lift door closed, all the boys were standing still. Jun-chan was in the middle. Out of the blue the door was opened again and everyone saw Jaejoong smiled shyly(like giggling)
I didn’t see Yoochun but I can still sense Changmin’s aura. Junsu looked soo damn sick by the way.

After the elevator came back down, the SYC staff all ran in and "tried to inhale the atmosphere of the boys as much as possible." (Haha! I love these girls!)

There were rumors that Jaejoong went out drinking that evening, but SharingYoochun is pretty sure he didn't. The staff were pretty vigilant about watching the lobby and checking the DBSK van.

I sent 2 of SYC staffs to check out DBSK’s floor and they kinda went to bed
already (turning all the lights off) lol their security guard (the one who was
talking to us) was pretty nice.
He was like “what are you guys doing here?”
SYC staff “rmmmm we’re gonna go to our room but we hit the wrong button so
the lift took us here”
The security guard “ok ok i believe you” and he smiled.

The next morning, the girls went down to the lobby again and caught Yunho and Junsu walking along at 12:10 pm. Apparently they went to "Health Land," a massage & spa place. There were also reports that Yoochun was at Siam Paragon, but no pictures to prove it yet.

At 2:30, calls came in that Hosu were on their way back but no one knew which lobby they would go through.

I believed my own instinct , we waited at the upper lobby where they were not
many fans and no fences and stuff.

And guess what…the boys used the upper lobby *yeah* I didn’t prepare myself or anything. I just saw Yunho getting off the van, along with Junsu ^^ Junsu waved at the fans a lil bit. While Yunho again…trying to make an eye contact with as many fans as possible *melt*

Some of the fans who had been waiting in the lower lobby started crying. Poor girls. They had been waiting 3-4 hours... :(

That's all for now Part 3 will be up soon! *Please anticipate*

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