Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Top 20 brainiest Kpop celebrities sourced from today’s episode of MBC Section TV. The list includes the obvious: a certain Stanford University grad, a self made music mogul, a former Seoul University dental student and the not so obvious: two idol boy band members and comedians famous for their “babo status” characters.
20.” it wasn’t easy pushing Kang Ho Dong off of the MC pedestal” Yoo Jae Suk-114
19. ”it takes brains and a strong stomach to write a song titled, ‘cute love’ “ Solbi-136
18. “i’m not just a pretty face” Kang Dong Won-137
17. “i promise it is just an act” Jung Joon Ha- 140
16. “i’m not just a pretty face x 100″ Jang Dong Gun-140
15.”dancing at my level is a cerebral sport” U-know Yunho-142
13. “just because i talk slowly…” Hwayobi-143
11. ”i could have been fixing teeth but wouldn’t you rather hear me sing?” Kim Jung Hoon (UN)-146
10. ”yes, every girl in korea hates me…” Ms. Seoul University Kim Tae Hee-148
8. “i like to wash vegetables with soap” Lee Chun Hee-148
7. “darn, i was hoping to pull off the sexy rebel concept” Chun Jung Myung-150
6. ”what, you thought it was easy to be me?” JYP (Park Jin Young)-153
5. ”i make conquering both jpop and kpop look oh so easy” Yoonha-158
3. ”i’m related to a former s. korean president” Eun Ji Won-160
1. ”most likely to take over the world (or maybe just our worlds)” Tablo -170

**full list has been edited for brevity/relevance
So, did your favorite stars make the cut? Who’s surprised at Kpop’s brainy Top 20?

credit: footdoc-shoelover@seoulbeat
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