Thursday, April 09, 2009

090408 21:34
it's SJ-M's 1st anniversary!

hello everyone~!
times passes really fast,in a blink of an eye and a year gone。
since april 8th the day SJ-M first performed in china,all of you have always been by our side supporting,cheering,
i'm grateful for all the times we've spent together this one year,all the ups and downs
we've been through together,every single moment you've accompanied us…...
everyone's hard work,we can sense it,without all of you there won't be SJ-M today。
at the same time while doing 3jib activities,we're also preparing for SJ-M's 2nd chinese album,
i believe the new album will definitely surprise everyone,showing a different SJ-M!!
hope all of you can continue supporting us and anticipate our new album,
once again thank you everyone for all the support given to us this one year,you are our motivation,
we SJ-M will continue to work hard。i love you guys!

p.s.【commemoration of SJ-M 1st anniversary】 exclusive backstage photos! i'm posting on behalf of everyone~!haha~

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