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Kelly here and my fanreport for Day 1 of Miroticon, and part 4 of 7kai XDD

090627 Miroticon in BKK
Venue: Impact Arena

→ 4nologue really needs to improve their organising skills. They were trying to let ppl in a few at a time but for one line, when they tried to do that, the kids actually stampeded to the front of the line and ended up coming to a crashing halt. Somebody could have gotten seriously hurt D: And what’s with making us divide into a line of 5 when we ended up merging back into 3 for inspection?

→ Walked around carrying SYC banners ‘cept, mine was Jaejoong’s XD And also ended up getting interviewed by a Thai press, lol.

Reporter: Where are you from?
Me: Malaysia
Reporter: Who’s your favourite member?
Me: Er…Jaejoong?
Reporter: Why?
Me: Because he’s goddamn hot and I really wanna do him Er…he’s…perfect really. A talented singer, a little dorky and nice to the members….what’s not to like?
Reporter: Any message to TVXQ?
Me: *blink* Er…Jaejoong, come to Malaysia please. I’m getting broke following you all the way to Japan and Bangkok.

Concert starts!

Opening ment
→ …is lame. It reminds me of MS Windows aquarium screensaver. Just…no.

→ The boys come out individually from under the runway stages, JJ at the center.
→ Ghei!hip shaking is ♥ JJ does it best ♥
→ Lip-synced though D:
→ Cue 2U pimping at one point. I heartily approved.

Aknyeo/Are You Good Girl
→ CM looks sculpted. Mm…
→ Love the ultra-fabulous posing as they sit on the stairs and how daintily they crossed their legs XD JJ was particularly, fabulously posing XDDD
→ JJ also did a Rain-style smirk which makes this onee-san go “doki-doki”.
→ Lip-synced.

Rising Sun
→ Fabulous YH! All the screens were focused on CM for his scream :D
→ A rock-style dance break after the rap :D
→ Lip-synced D:

→ Live! Sung live! They come out individually on the platform behind the main stage.
→ YH maintains his awesome voice improvement since Nagoya :D
→ YC changed his breathing a little for his part, adding a different flavour to the song.

→ YC sounds good and CM controlled his volume, thank god. Someone really needs to let CM know that he should pull the mic away from his mouth a little when he hits the high notes. Ow.

Talk ment
→ Group intro etc. JJ, like in Nagoya, the first to grab a towel :D
→ Their speech is scripted, Thai subs appearing on the screen.
→ Every time JJ tousles his hair, the crowd screams :D But…hmm, JJ strangely quiet. Very different from Japan where he takes the lead in ments. I know it’s scripted but still…

Hug (Rock)
→ YC did funny scream, lol. JJ looks upbeat, thankfully.
→ YH is fond of doing funny dances, lol.
→ Maknae molestation was less molestation and more bullying carried over from Nagoya courtesy of YH, lol.

Love Bye Love
→ The YC solo, ah…Comes out in white outfit, jeans and red converse high tops :D Does finger snaps, slides and pretends to pull up his zipper lol. I like it, YC, but I don’t get the concept XDDD
→ Chungrish, except, it’s not! He sounds really good!

“You guys having a good time?”
“You guys having a great time?”
“Pretty lady!” -gives flower to lucky lucky asdffgghjkl!!!-
“What do you guys wanna hear?”

→ Plays a bit of Evergreen and then starts Love Bye Love.

“You guys ready? Check this out.”

→ Plays LBL properly and yeah, I am disappointed that they didn’t sing this as a group but the re-arranged (or maybe original version?) LBL is pretty awesome.
→ I can really imagine YC to be the type who plays music in dim, smoky jazz bars or a blues lounge, with a drink in front of him.
→ YC encouraged us to sing along to the chorus, though I actually did wish outside of Japan, fans would keep quiet during ballads too. Easier to feel the emotions but different countries, different cultures, y/y?

JJ’s Solo – note to self: find out actual title, lol
→ Call it my Jae-bias, but in this song, JJ proves why he’s the lead vocal. JJ is meant for rock songs and rock ballads.
→ The thought hits me that JJ should really cover Evan’s Struggle of the Head and Heart. He would add that rough edge to it that would pull your heartstrings in a different way than Evan does.
→ …I….am really in love with this man.
→ Crap.

Upon This Rock
→ CM’s English is rather good D: I’m wonderfully surprised.
→ But damn, volume. CM’s voice is not my favourite type but I admire his natural range – he needs to learn a little bit more control because he’s been consistently too loud since Nagoya and it’s spoiling my appreciation of his talent. Pull the damn mic away when you’re hitting the high notes, dear boy D:

Wrong Number Ment
→ ASDFGHJKLL;’!!!!!!!!

Wrong Number
→ LIVE! YC tied his hair back, thank god because the perm was not working DDDD:
→ JJ tousles his hair again just before his part and asdfghjkl!!!
→ CM this time, is late with pulling out his gun D:
→ The guys were either too slow with their timing or the sound crew too early because the shot went off before the guys turned around to fire above the crowd D:
→ YC is MF-ing hot with that calf-length coat and his hair tied.
→ JJ’s rap LIVE OMG.

Purple Line
→ YC didn’t rasp his opening lines too much :D Weird though, hearing him do it with the recorded back track.
→ JS dance break :D DD
→ There’s a YH vid rapping while he raps too which makes for a pretty cool double-effect :D You end up not knowing which YH to focus on, lol.

Balloons Ment

Balloons (Bossanova)
→ Boys appear in white and beige ponchos. There’s no other words to describe those…billowing capes they got on.
→ The boys sit on the stairs to sing, JJ leaning back on an elbow.
→ Wonderful, wonderful vocals.
→ Fishnet shirt for JJ o____O His nipples distracted me for a while :D DD
→ Crowd does the Korean chants :D
→ JS points his mic to the crowd during the “lalalala~” part :D
→ As the song ends, someone says “bye bye!” YH? :D DD

Goose’s Dream
→ Technically, this becomes a second CM solo…
→ JJ on bicycle is asdsfgfhjkkll cute
→ MaryPoppins!YH LOLOLOL
→ Batman!YC doesn’t know what to do so he waggles his legs like he’s swimming, lol
→ Witch!JS does kung-fu with his broomstick and fights off invisible enemies XDD
→ CM’s pitch and volume was perfect here.

Love in the Ice
→ Lovely vid montage while they sing but I seriously could have made a better concept. The boys appearing in what was essentially, ice cubes, is…rather unromantic.
→ Can everyone please. STOP. SCREAMING?
→ YH’s mic is too soft – his voice got drowned out by the crowd at some points.
→ YC lost his pitch a bit during his part of the climax.
→ …the vid montage, with a little work, could have been the PV for LitI. Dammit.

Don’t Say Goodbye
→ The boys walk down to the center stage and JJ…walks like a model. Mmm…
→ JJ’s nipples are distracting me again.
→ …JJ…has this oddly pensive look during DSG. It’s suspiciously how he looked like right before he couldn’t sing his chorus for Wasurenaide on the last day of Nagoya because he was crying DDD:

→ No tears but that pensive look continues for JJ…
→ …JJ will never know I’m alive, will he? Sigh.

U-Know vs Xiah dance battle vid


→ I heartily approve of YH molesting mic stands. He should continue such activities :D
→ I almost went deaf when the crowd screamed when “that” moment happened.

Mirotic (Remix)
→ OMG the intro for Mirotic remixed is effing awesome! “I got no reason….I got you under my skin~” → This should so be the official Mirotic remix DDDD:
→ Sung LIVE!
→ YH dance solo after the rap!
→ Segues into the Mirotic rock version and asdfghjkl dammit boys, why didn’t you rip off your shirts???? DDDD:

The Way U Are (Remix)
→ 2U high-five!
→ YooMin handclasp!
→ HoSu handclasp!
→ Love how JJ keeps brushing his hair back :D DD
→ MinSu handclasp!
→ JJ’s ending is goddamn ♥ , okay?

Somebody To Love
→ HoMin with arms around shoulders :D

Crazy Love
→ YC licked his lips after the line “my heart beats for you” :D
→ JJ touched some people’s hands ;_____;
→ Near the end of the song, they start giving their thanks and the JaeHo slung their arm around each other’s shoulders and they continue the chorus.

First encore – Hahaha
→ HoSu did that gag chin dance, lol
→ YH just loves silly/dorky dances lololol
→ CM…out of breath/tired??? He’s bent over, a hand across his stomach and he had a “oh god, we have to continue singing?” face D:
→ YC funny dance!

→ YH and his dances still XD
→ YC kissed a baby’s cheek and got beaned in the head by a plush red elephant XDDD A LOL moment but people, that’s dangerous, throwing stuff on the stage.
→ JJ started the Sky chorus dance first and he looked over to see if the rest were doing it too.

Song For You
→ YC picked up a funny hat and tried to show it to JJ but lol, JJ was looking somewhere else.
→ JaeSu handclasp as they leave one of the mini-stages.
→ JJ throws his towel to the crowd ;__________; JJ-sweat omg.
→ JJ picks up a Yamaha noise-maker and later hands it to someone in the crowd.

→ …I never expected to hear Tonight live ;____;
→ YC tripped over a plushie someone threw on stage and almost fell DDD: This is why we shouldn’t throw stuff on stage DDDD:

JJ did a deep Thai-style bow.
JS’s “See you again” XD

The ultimate ending of the night though, was after the concert when I saw a really pretty guy outside the arena carrying a sign that said “I Go Gay for Jae” XDDDD

The End.

credit: sevenkai@LJ
ordered by: sharingyoochun@wordpress
shared by: DBSKnights +


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