Saturday, August 01, 2009

Written on 2009.07.29 at 21:54

Ah....really strange....................

Usually when I see stories about me on the internet
I'm going to laugh it off as interest*

Talking about such nonsensical stories all to have a laugh..
But also not bothering to go through many..
Talking about it once this time and I will not let anything come out in the future.

Although it's embarrassing to have myself too get a reaction like this
With having 1% of doubt and 99% of certainties while repeatedly hitting the keyboard a number of times
Me.. and other people, I wish you wouldn't hurt them..

That's just it.. if I see this and that comment
I get the feeling of watching a novel really..

Ah.. a big update and it had to have such content ㅡㅡ

* He means he thinks of it as people being interested in his persona. And he's referring to rumours, not fanfictions.

Original Source. 조규현
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